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Bleh.. Sorry if I'm not posting as often now. Suddenly in no mood for anything except probably sleeping, which I'm trying not to do too much =/ You know something's wrong when even shopping or an online sale doesn't excite me =(

I haven't been catching up with all the updates recently so I'll just leave them there until I'm in the mood to read again but here's some that caught my eye :
  • I've never heard of blue concealer so this post on it gave me quite a shock >_< It does sound kinda right though since I use a blue filter to correct an orange photo =)
  • Do you apply sunblock the same way ParisB does? I don't normally wear sunblock due to my oily skin but when I know I'll be exposed to sun alot, I would slather on a generous amount =x Guess this method won't work for me.. lol
  • FunnyFace Beauty compares the Z Palette to the MAC Pro Palette. Which do you think is her favourite?
Okay.. So a recap of my Valentines. I suggested a simple dinner at Pho Hoa to avoid the crowd but last minute change of plans by the Bf lol Ended up going to Daves at 1 Utama, which was packed! We were told that the tables were fully booked/unavailable. Fortunately, a table was available after 5 minutes.

FOTN : Physician's Formula concealer (I've been using this a lot recently), Elf HD Powder, Elf Studio Eyeshadow (Coffee Bean), Solone Eyeliner (Gold & Black), Maybelline Magnum mascara, NYX Powder Blush (Peach) and something on my lips lol

Heart shaped cookies for all the diners there that night ^_^ Cute touch..

We ordered the Valentines set, which was RM 85++. Came with a complimentary entree : Mushroom foam with bacon and asparagus. I did not like this at all x_X But he did. Urgh.. *shivers at the thought of it* Bf said it's an acquired taste. Guess he has acquired it and I have not =_=!

Salmon salad was absolutely delicious! <3 It was smoked salmon salad with some cheese sprinkled on top I think lol I have a thing for salmon and this is the best tasting smoked salmon I've tasted so far. The taste fills your mouth and it's not too salty. Just perfect.

Main course was fish pie. Was a bit squirmish about this as I've never heard of fish pie before, only chicken pie. But it was good =) Came with (clockwise) creamy mashed potato, salad, mustard, slightly pickled cherry tomatoes, sauce and sauteed mushroom. All of this was very good, especially the potato and mushroom ^_^

Dessert came last but I shall just show the set first. Strawberry cheesecake with blueberries and white chocolate on the side. There were strawberry chunks in the cheese and on top. The bottom (biscuit-like) part wasn't too hard or crumbly. I didn't find it to be too sweet or sickening =)

Bf also ordered pork knuckles, which immediately brought back memories of El Cerdo and being over stuffed. This came with salad, quarter baked potato (?), mashed potato (yum!) and pickles. I would say this was better than the one at El Cerdo! Price was RM 60+ I think.

Total was RM 170.50 =x But it was a nice dinner.. =)

Oh yeah.. OOTN. I wore the black and red dress I bought from Sungei Wang. Love it! Bag was a Christmas present.

Remember that black pencil skirt my sis bought from Sungei Wang? She found a hole in it so we went back to return it. On the train, I turned to her and asked if she brought the skirt. She gave me this O_O look and I immediately knew.. SHE FORGOT TO BRING THE SKIRT!! >_<~ So we went for another round of shopping..

Went back to MBK Apparels to get a pair of black shorts which I didn't want to get the previous trip =/ Somehow splitting your purchases doesn't make it feel that bad LOL This was also RM 49.90 but fit like a glove.

Went to this shop one floor above McDs I think and got this super nice studded bag for only RM19.90! (I can buy 2 & a half bags for the price of the shorts wth!) It's a hand-sling bag convertible kinda bag. A tad smaller than my current bag. I like to use this reason to justify me buying more bags hahaha! Different sizes for different use mah..

My sis got a red flowery tube dress from Kimono Fashion, which is located near the entrance from the monorail. Material's really soft and it's RM 25.

At the same shop I bought my bag, she also bought another studded bag =_= But her's is a bucket bag. Only RM26.90 leh! I like the bags in this shop lol..

Went for an awards ceremony yesterday at my college (ex..). It was very good to see my classmates again. Must admit that I was pretty sad when I got home. We'll be parting soon and going our ways.
  • Adelyn~~ The one I call when I want to go to 1 Utama LOL Known you since Std 5 and you haven't changed much since. Get a Bf soon xD And don't forget the rest of us still here in Malaysia when you're in Singapore!
  • Jingyi, the cheese obsessed brains of the class. Please.. Consider giving me just 5% of your brains please lol I know you will go far.. =) Aim high and you will reach it! (Just like the stars) Top in the World for Maths =) Although I think you deserve top in the world for everything ahhahaha!
  • Kelly, our husband lol Source of entertainment, causing us to burst into laughter in the middle of Bio class.. Pity Mr Jaya for he never quite understood why lol Stay pretty.. And remember.. You are not SHORT and FAT!
  • Vnoo, I give you your fav colour lol Gave us a fright when you went MIA. Do keep in touch.. Come back on Facebook!
  • Soo Qing, the loud lioness. I guess I don't have to worry about you lol Your voice will scare off any bad people. Will never forget your laughter. Even if I do, there's always that video Adelyn took during your birthday xD
  • Jane - The small girl whom Soo Qing always bullies. Very loyal friend indeed. Would carry her books and walk all the way back to their house and back to college just for her =/
  • Indra, you're getting prettier and prettier huh? =)
  • Reeeeeena, stop bullying people with your mande power lah. One day when you are the CEO of a company, don't forget about me wei!
  • Roxanne, the hot one. Take care of yourself, wherever you're going. You're a strong girl. You've gone through a lot in life. Hope you make the right decisions in the future and do what's best for yourself.
  • Kathleen, our talented actress =P So proud of you haha.. I hope you never turn into a real shrew though! Never knew you had a voice like Soo Qing xD
  • Mr Jaya - The Tall One. Perhaps it was genes.. Perhaps it was a good environment. Or maybe both. You can model for a whitening toothpaste company le. Maybe I can see you on TV one day, holding a tube of Colgate. P.S. Yogurt! See you around if I'm going back =)
  • Mr George I know you definitely will not see this and I'll rather you didn't LOL In fact, I would freak out if you read my blog =/ Giving you the colour of one of your favourite shirts lol Please.. Get a duster. I'm sure Adelyn will agree haha.. Truth be told, I disliked you at first. What kind of lecturer is this?! So unprofessional; pulling our ears, pinching our arms etc (okay now I really hope you never read this) but in the end I found myself liking you as a lecturer. You are actually quite a good Chemistry lecturer. I now know you were being so strict because you wanted us to excel. Sorry it took me so long to realise that.
  • And the rest of Blue Intake, don't terasa if you don't see your name here and cos Mr George's message is the longest. Doesn't mean you've been forgotten. Miss the days in class. You've given me a wonderful first time college experience, which could have been traumatizing and forever haunting me in my dreams but no.. It was only pleasant memories that make me smile when I look back. I know you all probably won't read this but I wish you all best of luck in whatever you do in the future! Thanks for being there.

Above pic was not necessary but just wanted to show off what I got LOL!! =x Also visited the lecturers. Ah.. I'll miss seeing them around. I think I need a yogurt *insidejoke*

Ok.. Moving on from emo section.. My Wet N Wild haul arrived from StrawberryGirl. She missed out my Elf items again =( Upon asking her, I discovered that one of the items was ordered in the wrong shade =(( She didn't have anything else that I was interested in =((( One of the palettes is broken =(((( But I'm excited about the others! ^_^ Haven't even opened them yet. Gonna treasure them for a while before ruining them xD

I got the blushers in Pearlescent Pink & Mellow Wine, Idol Eyes in Pixie & Graphite and Trio Eyeshadows in On Cloud Nine, Walking on Eggshells & Cool As A Cucumber (broken). I ordered Don't Steal My Thunder too but got a refund cos it was shattered. Guess these are really fragile..

Btw if you haven't noticed (so blur meh?), I got Nuffnang ads for my blog. Well, it was mainly cos I wanted to join the contests and all lol But those ads actually look interesting o_O Current one is by MilkADeal and they keep showing these really tasty looking food and I end up clicking on my own ads =_= It's actually quite a good site! (Click if you haven't! wahahahha...) If a certain number of people purchase this deal, they all get to buy it at a very discounted price. Sounds good to me.. ^_^


  1. Your friends sound interesting..I'm gonna finish my studies too soon..ooh, I just can't wait for it now but when the time comes, I'm sure it's going to be hard.. What are you going to do after this?
    I haven't open all 3 eyeshadows and heather silk..XD I don't know what I'm treasuring them for..ekeke..Or maybe its the feeling that I opened way too many cosmetics without properly using them..XD
    ps: maybe you'll know this but just a little nudge. PP is WAY WAY pigmented! (and they say ELF studio powder blush is pigmented! That's an overstatement! XD) You just need a light tap (once). I tapped my brush lightly but covered both sides (you know the shape of complexion brush by elf studio right?) and I ended up with CLOWN CHEEKS! AHAHA..XD Aiyooo

  2. They sure are.. =) It's like that lah. We can't wait to finish school then miss it later on lol I'm going to get a degree in mass comm but not sure where yet.

    Yeah I guess that could be one of the reasons. I ran out of space for my blushers (I only have one row for them in my box) so that's a bad sign xD

    Maybe you can try a *lighter* tap and tap it on the back of your hand before applying on your cheeks hahaha.. Now you make me wanna open it to try! It looks so pretty in the pannnnnnnn Argh!~

  3. Thanks for sharing the links! Never knew a blue concealer ever existed! And the food looks yummy!!

    Great post


  4. OOhh..tap on the back of the hand? I've never thought of it! I'll do it like that from now on ^^ It really is super duper pigmented 0_0 haha..
    I have waay too many blushers now too! But I still hv the kicks to buy more...XD Darn it you blush-hoarder demon that's possessing me! =P

  5. Yup.. I do that to even out eyeshadow on my brush or lower the intensity. But so far, never used for blusher before hahah.. Just now went to watch movie + dinner, wanna use PP but realised I haven take pic of the nice surface so ended up using old blusher =_="""

    Whenever I see a blusher in a shade that suits me, I will want it. Doesn't matter if I already have 46587612 others just like it xD Kinda bad. Breaking the habit now

  6. who can live w/o blushers lol
    yummy food and nice outfits!

    xoxo elle


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