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Do You Apply Conditioner or Hair Treatment First?

Ever since I started using both products, I've always used
shampoo > hair treatment > conditioner 
shampoo > hair treatment > conditioner 
shampoo > hair treatment > conditioner 
No, it wasn't to be done any other way. I wasn't about to go against the rules.

However, one day I stumbled upon Sunsilk's advertisement in Cleo magazine, February 2011 issue Pg 128.

Apparently, we're supposed to use conditioner before hair treatment

I could not believe my eyes!

Could this be a printing mistake?

Could the formula for Sunsilk be different so their products are to be used differently? o_O

Did I read the advertisement wrongly? But no.. My sister saw it too. And got a shock too.

Have I been doing it wrong all these years?!! Suddenly, the room spun around me and the whole world collapsed.

Okay, I exaggerated on that..

I rushed to the bathroom and consulted the Elders; Shampoo, Conditioner & Treatment. We had an argument on the matter where Conditioner ended up fighting with Treatment for who's to come first while Shampoo stayed out of it, knowing he'll always be the first. Wonder what will happen if they knew of little Serum (who's much loved) upstairs. So I left, still puzzled and with a million question marks buzzing through my mind.

I quickly Googled it and to my disappointment, couldn't find anyone to tell me which should be used first =( Maybe I'm using the wrong keywords here? So what to do? Try it out myself, of course! It felt weird reaching for my conditioner first but guess what..?

On the two occasions that I washed my hair with the foreign method, my hair felt incredibly smooth! It's so soft even at the hair ends..

Now.. Will anyone else try swapping those two and tell me if it's better? lol Or at least direct me somewhere.. I'm still as lost as I was when I typed that E at the start of this post.

Image from HERE, which has some lol material xD

Cookie for you if you went up to check if the first letter was really E! xD

Oh btw, here's a pic of a Sunsilk Hair Treatment. It clearly says to use after shampoo but doesn't mention conditioner. I've never used Sunsilk conditioner before so I have no idea what's written there but according to Google (thank God for Google!), it also says for after shampoo o_O

How is everything to be used after shampoo?! >_<


  1. I think it make sense that shampoo>conditioner>hair treatment, because traditionally, conditioner was used to neutralised hair pH after using shampoo. It's something about shampoo being too alkaline for your hair. So, after your hair pH is okay, you can proceed with other treatment. I could be wrong tho.

  2. hahah. :D hmm, i guess i'm even worse. :P mine would be;

    shampoo>conditioner (every day except saturday)
    shampoo>treatment (Saturday's ONLY) :P

    i personally think if use BOTH conditioner+treatment, my hair will just go flat ):

    ps:// i'm using the sunsilk one, so i'm confused as well too! :P

  3. @ Pepper
    Wow didn't know that. I never knew what was the exact use of conditioner. Sis told me it was to 'seal' the hair with moisture. So it didn't make sense to me to be using it before treatment. I think I need a hair products 101 class lol

    @ meiping
    Hahaha actually you don't need to use all 3. Just that my hair is frizzy and dry naturally. Then I've rebonded and coloured it as well so.. I'll just give it all the love it can take lol

  4. I learn about conditioner neutralised shampoo from my science teacher. I thought it makes sense since almost all thing that produce bubbles (detergent, soap) are alkaline.

  5. I don't use hair treatment..0__0 because all of them seems to be leave-in treatment.. they make my hair all floppy and flat..
    but to join the conversation, I always use conditioner after shampoo..and no questions

  6. what an interesting post..for me,i've always used shampoo first, then conditioner and then treatment.. but since my hair is very fine, i sometimes skip conditioner because i feel like it weighs down my hair too much.maybe im wrong im not sure. ok maybe i put the conditioner up to the roots which is unnecessary LOL..

    i noticed that since last months my roots tend to get oily pretty quick (usually 2 days) but now after a day my hair looks oily. gross! is it because of the fish oil i've been taking?
    i dont know..LOL

    love ur blog..xoxo

  7. Oh.. Then perhaps I'm the only one who's been doing it terbalik xD

    I used to use a lot of conditioner! Now I just apply it to the hair that's past my ears. If I apply any higher, hair feels oily after a day =(

    I don't know about the fish oil but you could try giving it a break and see

  8. Huh.... I've always done it Shampoo > Conditioner > Treatment, myself. That's because I figured I'd want the last thing on my hair to be the treatment. (Maybe it would be more effective?)

    But my mum does it your way, with the conditioner after the treatment. @_@

    I'll ask my friend who does hair at a salon and see if she knows. Haha

  9. That'll be great! lol But so far after 4 washes, my hair's incredibly soft!

  10. BELINDA - I actually had a long discussion with my hairdresser who assured me that you have to Shampoo, Treat and then Condition - because when we condition it does seal the hair to lock in moisture. If you then apply treatment - it doesn't have the effect that it should - because it washes right off.

    1. I read the exact thing just minutes ago on a Swedish blog run by a hairdresser. I got curious, so I googled it and found this blog post, haha!
      But yeah, it seems that we gotta shampoo, apply hair mask and then condition to keep the moisture in. The funny thing is, I've been using a hair mask after applying conditioner for a looong time now and my hair won't look so damaged so quickly, so I have a feeling that it works if you use the mask after the conditioner? I dunno, I guess we gotta trust our hairdressers. ;)
      Here's the blog post if someone wants to use Google translate (because I assume you don't know Swedish...?), scroll down to comments:


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