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Haul From Sungei Wang

Wheee~~ My shopping ban is supposed to end on Sunday but oh well! I don't go to Sungei Wang often & was not gonna let this opportunity slide.

So skip the small talk, here's what my sis & I got.

Shoes! Well, these are my sister's but we share shoes.

Boots, about RM 70+ after 50% off.. Don't really like these.

Really tall purple platform heels o_O Pretty but can't walk in them =/ Don't know the price lol But it says RM 119 at the bottom. Believe it was on 20% discount?

Super love this dress!! RM 25 only, too! There was red/pink, blue, black and dark blue. I love body hugging dresses like this~~ <3

Next.. Is something that I've been looking for for a very very loooong time.. Denim hot shorts!! I know they're available everywhere but none of them fit my humongous thighs =( I can only wear shorts with stretchable material or certain cuttings. For someone who loves wearing shorts, how sad is that? =( This is RM 49.90 btw.. But absolutely worth it! *hugs and kisses shorts*

Casual shorts @ RM 15. There's a zip and button but the back has a rubber band and it's so stretchable, you don't even have to unbutton it. Love the pockets cos I always put my phone in my pocket xP There's 4 cos we both wanted 2 each. Blue was my initial choice but they were out of stock (darn!) so I opted for the green one instead.

My sister's white shorts which I can wear too (yes!) for RM 49.90. Regret not buying my own pair cos she's moving out soon but for RM 50, it's a heartache =(

Her pair of denim shorts, also RM 49.90. It's a lil big for me but really comfortable! Another oh-why-didn't-I-grab-this.

Sister's black pencil skirt which I don't think was worth it cos it's the same price as the shorts yet so plain. They had 3 lengths and this was the longest. The shortest looked like a tube top!! How do people even wear it!??! >_<

All the shorts + the pencil skirt are from MBK Apparel. Love this place! Kelly, the salesperson is so friendly, I feel like I'm shopping in my own room lol Also, they make a lot of stretchable shorts and have quite a variety. Kelly said they're actually by their own brand, MBK. They also pack the clothes in reusable (not plastic) bags so big plus point for that!

Location : S 072, 2nd floor
Other locations : LG 107, F 055, F057 & F 105
Office : T 067, Sungei wang Plaza
Tel : 03-21459116

My sister and I call this.. The Sailormoon dress lol Bought from the same place as the first dress for RM 25. Don't really like this as the material has a tendency to be rounded and it's kinda short. But still.. I guess it's pretty cute.

Total damage wasn't that bad for me lol Didn't have time to check out all the shops =( and we were rushing to go home so grabbed McDs and nommed on the way out to the monorail station.

Everyone was staring at us.

Eating the nuggets.

While walking quickly.

Is that weird? =/ I don't think so.. lol~ Nothing wrong with eating nuggets while you walk, right? >_<


  1. The sailormoon dress is so cute! I want~

  2. oh goooood. i've also been finding for denim hot shorts ); there's a mall at kuantan called Berjaya Mall and their sell hot shorts for like, RM30 wtf O: i tried one that i like but i didn't like the fact that they were hugging my thighs. D:

    lucky you! :D

    and you're so lucky that you can share shoes with your sister! :D pfft, i got two sisters and they're both a size smaller than me. -.- i can't even lend their clothes cause one is too tight while the other sister is too big for me FML T____T

    the bodycon dress is also superbly nice <3

  3. @ Pepper
    Hahaha! Go Sungei Wang and check it out! xP

    @ meiping
    I saw one a year ago but it was over RM 100 =_= I think normal price for those coloured shorts is about RM 30 but if there's extra detail then it's more expensive. I can't wear those though.. So small at the thighs! Argh.. If I manage to squeeze in, it hurts when I squat down =(

    Hahaha.. We used to share clothes too.. Until I lost weight and she gained some. So now it's buying my own clothes =(

  4. aah, I haven't been shopping for clothes lately and I'm all wearing right now are all plain stuff..*sigh*
    the sailormoon dress! OMG! nostalgic much? first ever comic (after dragon ball of coz)..
    nice~been a long time since I last visited Sungei Wang.. =)

  5. I didn't even buy new clothes for CNY >_< I wonder if people will look at my funny when I wear it ahhaha

  6. nice clothes! U look like a sailor gal the last dress heheh :)


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