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Montagne Jeunesse Strawberry Souffle Mask

Continuing my series of red stuff.. xP I'm trying to review as many red stuff as possible but I think this is the last lol

Introducing Montagne Jeunesse Strawberry Souffle mask.. I think the packaging is quite deceiving as it looks like there will be a tonne of product inside but no.. After squeezing it all down, it could fit into just 1/4 of the packaging.

Btw, I noticed that MJ has this thing about weird faces with food on them lol And also.. My mask doesn't look like that! The girl looks like she has pink whipped cream on or a huge bubble gum blew up in her face.

"So creamy, this masque does not dry"

Sounds great, huh? (Click on pic to enlarge)

I kept my mask in a small container as there are multiple uses in one packet. I think this container used to contain chilli or something lol The KFC ones are good as well. There is a small tab on the corner of the packet to tear out so it's okay to keep it in there as well. Look how creamy it is.. There was about 7 good uses in here! Which makes it...

RM 0.8428571 per use! xD

Anyway.. What I wanted to say was.. I love the smell of this mask!! It smells exactly like my favourite strawberry Nestle Bliss Yogurt Drink. I would buy a bottle and finish the whole thing in a day =x

Freshly applied on my face, I noticed some strawberry seeds? It's easy to spread using my foundation (now converted into mask) brush. I don't like applying masks with my hands as it gets messy. I think I used too little here but it was my first time lol

When dry (well not really dry.. since it doesn't actually dry), it's not so white and it's shiny! Looks a bit weird xD 

Strawberry seeds have mysteriously disappeared.

Lol Nah.. They're just not that visible when dry.

It's really easy to wash off with water. No residues or weird leftovers despite the odd shine (reminds me of some futuristic thing leh =_=). In fact.. It looks like the Eyeko cream that works as a highlighter!
The effect? Face does feel slightly moisturized but I personally prefer sheet masks as they feel more moisturizing on my face. As usual, skin is soft and smooth but almost any other mask can do this.

Size : 15 ml
Price : RM 5.90
Bought from : Guardian
Made in UK
Pros : Easy to spread & wash off, many uses in one packet, smells great, cheap
Cons : Not very moisturizing
My conclusion : Will probably not repurchase this particular one as I need masks that are more moisturizing.


  1. i've always wanted to try this. maybe i'll finally do. :) great review! ♥

  2. would probably try it out just because of the scent..hehe..I love Nestle yogurt drink! yummy! ^^

  3. Hiya, thanks for the review. The scent sounds amazing! Have just followed your blog!

  4. It is! xD Even after keeping it for a while in the fridge (closed cap, of course), it still smells soooo good..

  5. Oohhh my gosh-- a strawberry scented mask? <33 Sounds like it must be a heavenly scent.

    If only it were more effective....

    (I might buy it anyway, if only for the smell. Haha.)

  6. I thought those masks were only good for one use! How cool that it lasts up to 7 uses!

  7. @ Noxin
    Yeah.. I wish it was more moisturizing =(

    @ Gaby
    =x sad to say but.. I'm such a cheapo LOL I tried to get as many uses out of it as possible.


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