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50% Off Wet N Wild Spree for Malaysians!

Saw this from Aisyah.

Wet N Wild is a brand that we cannot get in Malaysia so this is awesome!

I'm going crazy over their Colour Icon Blusher & Colour Icon Eye Shadow Trio.

$0.49 = RM 3.70
$0.99 = RM 6.00
$1.49 = RM 8.10

So... the blusher and eyeshadow trio are so worth it!

US ground shipping is RM19 (excluding local postage fees to your house). It'll be cheaper if more people join in to share it. We've collected $16.88 so far and $25 entitles us to free ground shipping.

Click HERE to view all the Wet N Wild items.
Click HERE to order.

Don't worry, Robecca (StrawberryGirL) is a real seller. I've purchased from her before. Apparently sale ends on 15th of January so... we have to confirm orders asap!


  1. *cough*Silkygirl is asian Wet N Wild*cough* :X

  2. I thought it was a different brand? o_O I heard that silkygirl was annoyed as they constantly got confused with the US WNW so they changed their name to Silkygirl

  3. hahah, really? > < whoops, my mistake then > <

  4. I heard the same thing too.. Though as much as I like Silkygirl, there's no similarities between the two at all...=\ I'd be a happy girl if their eye shadows quality are comparable.

    Oh yeah, thanks a lot for joining the spree as well! =D I went crazy and asked Robecca to quote lots of stuff but in the end I settled with stuff that I really want. The color icon blush is a must! =D

  5. I can't be sure though. There isn't a clear answer but if it's really the same brand, why change your name? Wouldn't you prefer to be well known all over the world?

    I only have one eyeshadow from Silkygirl and it ain't good lol I quite like their gloss though.

  6. yup, exactly! okay, at first I thought the rumors about wet n wild changing the name for Malaysian market (or Asian market, is it?) makes sense since I don't think a name like 'Wet n Wild' would make quite a good impression on conservative drugstore visitors. But then again, why absolutely different products and formula? that just doesn't make sense! So in conclusion, I don't think W n W and Silkygirl are of the same brand..


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