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Shimmery Lips With Lipice

There was a contest by Lipice recently. Contestants were required to post pictures of their shimmery lips on Facebook. This caught my attention as I love shimmery lips (although I never wear them out).

Most shimmery one was the Lipice Colour Gloss, followed by Elizabeth Arden, Silkygirl, Elf Mineral & NYX. Least shimmery were the Elf Super Glossy Lip Shines. EA looked like the most shimmery but the pictures will prove it.

In the same order : Elf Pink Kiss, Elf Candlelight, Lipice, Elizabeth Arden, Silkygirl, Elf Mineral & NYX

For the lips, I used 3 glosses. One base colour (coloured/most pigmented), a shimmery gloss and Lipice on top.

Pink lips first, I used Silkygirl as base and Elizabeth Arden on the middle.

The Lipice Colour Gloss really adds some oomph to my lips.

Peachy / Neutral lips : Elf Candlelight as base and NYX topped over it.

And with Lipice on top again.. It adds instant shine, volume and a blast of shimmer to my lips. Lip lines are also less obvious (almost erased).

I think 3 layers is a bit OTT for everyday wear, especially if you're gonna eat and drink and have your glosses sticking onto your sandwich (eww!), coffee mug and all >_<" But.. for contests, photography etc, I think this looks great! It's such a big tube so it'll last a while. It also works well over lipstick or by itself. I wouldn't recommend getting all the colours though. It's not pigmented so they'll look pretty much the same.

I don't like the cap and applicator though. The cap just clicks shut and doesn't twist so if I accidentally squish the soft tube, the pressure may be enough to push off the cap. I've always liked doe foot applicators so this is quite messy. I must wipe it after every use or else gloss will collect in the cap (eww..). However, this is more hygienic as you use what you squeeze out and it doesn't go back in.

* There's a list of Lip Tips available on the website HERE. I personally think that applying a thick layer of lip balm before bed is awesome! I wonder if the Lip Pot will work great for this.

Product says
Colour Gloss hydrates as it glides on creating a stylish finish, with luminous shine on your lips. Add depth and definition with Lipice Color Gloss or simply wear over your favorite lipstick to add a shimmering shine.
  • Contains Macadamia Seed Oil, Aloe Extract and Lanolin Oil to keep lips soft and moisturized.
  • Contains effective anti-oxidant of Vitamin E to help delay aging and maintain healthy lips.
  • Available in 5 dazzling shades: Summer Pink, Pearl Pink, Candy Apple, Fresh Peach and Sweet Bean.
Bought from : Pharmacies

Pros : Glossy, shimmery, big tube, thick but not too sticky, hygienic
Cons : Cap, not pigmented, applicator
My conclusion : Great lip gloss! The shimmer and gloss in this tube is just amazing. Makes my lips look great in real life and pictures.


  1. shimmer!! 0__0 it's pretty all right! But I could never pulled off shimmery lips..XD You did well. Hope you win =)


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