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Malaya Optical

Firstly, big thanks to Tammy of Plus Size Kitten for inviting us to join her.

Secondly.. Warning : This post is pic heavy =/

I've never actually heard of Malaya Optical (I've only been to 2 optometrists my entire life lol) but they've been around since 1957! Yes, that means they are as old as our country!

The shop is clean, bright and professional looking.

I arrived a little later than intended and there was already a crowd inside. We (my sis & I) registered ourselves and were told to join the loooooong queue to collect our goodies. Things were a little slow at first but it sped up.

Finally my turn.. The guy in the pink shirt is Ryan Ho (who is a professional eyewear stylist and designer. Good choice. It was easy to spot him amongst the crowd xD He was practically running all over the shop, asking everyone if they were okay, needed coffee, help or a lollipop. Good job =)

Food was served outside: Egg, sardine & tuna sandwich, chicken ball, banana cake, kuih badak, mini donut, curry puff and orange cordial.

Tammy welcoming everyone and announcing the winner of the Malaya Optical Facebook comment contest.

Surprisingly, I won! O_O The prize was also upgraded to a years supply of coloured contact lenses. Wheee~~ ^^

As I wrote in my slogan, I'm here to buy new spectacles! ^^ I've been putting it off for a year+ as I hate choosing the designs and all. Urgh.. *frowns at the many many MANY designs in the shop*

Tried on a few on recommendation by the sales person, Goh. Surprisingly, it was a nice experience. I didn't get a headache thinking which one should I buy (I actually chose the one I wanted before trying on even 10!). Can you guess which pair I chose? =P

Each spectacle Goh chose for me suited my face shape well. Even Ryan said he's their top sales person xD So glad I got him ^_^ If you're planning to get new spectacles from Malaya Optical, look for Goh! He's also friendly and easy to talk to.

Had an eye check on the spot so I can order my spectacles and contact lenses.

This is a cool machine.. Lol My sis and I call it the 'crazy eye'; the more colours you get, the crazier u are (of course, this isn't true). So I jokingly said 'so mine must be a rainbow colour' lol

After the estimation, Goh brought me into the eye check room to manually test my eye power. I had to take off my contact lenses for this so I was quite blind x_x

Someone please kill me if I ever get spectacles like this xD

With the spectacle settled.. I moved on to the coloured contacts.

My voucher was for Colourvue lenses so I browsed the brochure to choose the 4 pairs.

*Click to enlarge*

There are some open lenses for you to see before purchasing. This is very important, for me especially, as my eyes are naturally very dark and if the colours are not opaque enough, it won't show on my eyes. I chose Big Eyes Party Green & Sexy Brown and 3 Tones Blue & Violet.

There is an amazing range of brands here. I quote Ryan,

"Whatever brand you want, we have it"

There's Missoni, Tag Heur, Gucci, FCUK , Ray - Ban, Burberry, GF Ferre, MaxMara, Rudy Project, Moschino, ZeroRH+, Fendi, BYWP, Elle, Prada, Calvin Klein, Vogue Eyewear, Marc Jacob, Porche Design, Miu Miu and much much more..

I felt it was quite odd that every single worker in the shop, including Ryan asked if we wanted a lollipop. Then.. I saw this..

Looking at the pictures from other blogs, this was very full at the start of the event!! O_O Apparently, it's a tradition at Malaya Optical =)

She even offered one to the lil boy.. =)

Then we were informed that.. Amber Chia was coming! Gosh, she's so tall o_O

As guests of this spectacular (no pun intended lol) event, we got the chance to buy monthly Logic coloured contact lenses (black / brown) for RM 15 only. Normal price is RM 90 per pair. Bloggers got one pair for free for review purposes.

We also got vouchers for 1.50 Super Multicoated UV Protected (I think this is for spectacle lenses but I'm not sure.. lol) and a Comprehensive Performance Enhancing Eye Examination and Screening worth RM 150.

The eye examination consists of 9 parts which are visual acuity, binocular vision, colour deficiency and amsler grid, corneal topography and pupillary reactions, slit lamp examination for posterior eye, glaucoma, diabetic and age related macular degenerative, adaptation, multifocal optimization and peripheral vision field enhancement & management and consultation.

There was supposed to be free Acuvue lenses for all the attendees but we didn't receive them o_O No biggie though..

Contact details :

Find the shops' locations HERE (including GPS!)


  1. hey, congratz on winning! one year supply on colored contact is great! I've never heard of Malaya Optical before too...but maybe my dad knew them since he's been wearing spectacles like..forever..XD
    Hmm, as for which spec you bought, I'm guessing the lower picture on the left.. I think that one looks good on you and not many ppl wear that shape.. =)

  2. Thanks aisyah ^_^ Hahaha.. You've close but nope.. xD I wasn't even expecting to buy that pair but quickly agreed before I chickened out from that design =/


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