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Selangor Turf Club Ladies Day Prize, Daiso & Watson's Haul

So my sister went for the Selangor Turf Club Ladies Day and won a big hamper ^_^

Are you jealous yet? xD

Suisse Program products, complete with a bag to hold them.

La Colline & Caudalie products

Big tub of Collistar Talasso scrub

5 x RM 10 Tangs gift vouchers & 3 hour 'Beauty Journey' at Phillip Wain

These were part of the goodie bag : Pink bag organizer, Sasa makeup bag, Sasatinnie tissue, wet wipes & nail polish, Talasso scrub sample (not pictured), Wash Me, Wear Me bag and a bottle of collagen drink. The keychain was an early bird gift.

Decided to go to Curve. I got 2 eyebrow pencils, in gray and dark brown as well as the eyebrow coat from Daiso.

Next, Watson's! They're having promos now and the 2nd facial mask was only RM 1. Spend above RM 20 and get a box at only RM 15.90. I also restocked the eye masks as late nights are taking a toll on my poor undereyes. Then I saw that the Rimmel lipstick in Nude Delight was in stock!!! Omg omg omg.. I'm all crazy over nudes right now so I immediately grabbed it. About the Mentholatum Mogitate Kajitsu lip balm (Strawberry), I actually have a story.. Lol

While at Curve, I took out my Lip Ice lip balm to apply and I realised... The lip balm and the thingy inside was missing! I looked around and in my bag but it was no where to be seen. I hope no one tripped on it =( Apparently, the Mogitates are made with real juice and mine smelt heavenly! The strawberry scent spread to the entire car the moment I opened it. It was also available in Grape & Berry, Orange & Mango, White Peach and Lemon & Lime.

My Bio-essence Complete Nourishing Sleeping Mask sample arrived~ Postman left it on the gate along with the other letters and mum was mad cos it could have been blown away.

There was also a Bio-essence Face Lifting Cream sample in the Nov issue of female magazine.


  1. uhh ! your sister is so lucky !!! I'm using Daiso eyebrow pencil now too (different packaging with yours) and it works quite well with me ^^

  2. Eee.. So many types there I didn't know which to choose. =/ Nvm.. Practise more first wakkaka

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