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Food Post : Umai-ya

My first review on food.. Sorry for the lack of photos. I was a bit shy about whipping out my phone and snapping photos in front of all those people >_<

Lunch at Umai-ya, a Japanese restaurant (DU branch). I love the setting of this place! It's dark and divided into rooms, each room having about 2-4 tables. Each table has it's own lighting though so you can see your food. Customers sit on the wooden floor and there's a hole beneath the table to put your legs.

The Bf's unagi. I'm not actually a fan of unagi but the sauce was tasty~~

My set arrived.. Sashimi set with 6 slices of fish, 2 slices of octopus and a prawn served on ice and raddish. There was a slice of lemon between the octopus which enhanced the taste. The RM 40 set also had a salad, a bowl of fried something, fruits, miso soup and rice. Sashimi was very fresh and delicious. The only one I didn't like was the raw prawn. It was gooey and soft. I'm just not used to eating raw prawn x_x Miso soup was average and I didn't touch the salad cos I couldn't finish my set.

The Bf's set arrived right after. They're quite fast! Sorry couldn't remember the name of this set or the price >_< But his set and unagi was RM 50+

So the total was about RM 106 after taxes. We were informed that there was also a buffet on weekends which costs RM 48 per head and RM 24 for children below 12.

The staff were extremely friendly and chirpy. All of them were very nice except one waiter who was really blur and couldn't seem to understand us o.0

Reservations can be made at the Umai-ya website. They also have a Facebook page.


  1. love this place too, last year i wan binging on umaiya for 3 months bcoz of their promotional coupons. Now scared oledi to go back umaiya hahah..

  2. LOL 3 months?!?! I want to try the buffet one day. Muahahahahah...

  3. omg i hate u for posting this , LOL hungry la


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