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NOTD : Pink & Purple and Genting Trip

Not much inspiration for my nails.. I've gotten too lazy to do them lately lol But I needed to get them done for a trip with my classmates.

Both colours are Emily brand from the night market. No top coat or whatever as I'm planning to remove them real soon. My nails need a break! =/

And of course.. There's the usual me camwhoring xD Even my Bf calls me a camwhore =(

Ah.. Isn't she adorable.. <3

Crap.. I look better here but Sylphie's not in the shot

She doesn't seem to like camwhoring with me.. =( She runs off everytime lol

So I camwhored myself while my Bf is playing his games or whatever. Do you think camwhoring is a crime? lol

Hee.. Showing off my nails

Now the trip photos! The bunch of us took an 8 am bus to Genting so we could reach early and avoid the crowd lol I was darn sleepy but it was worth it cos we managed to sit on all the rides we wanted (which excludes the kiddy ones and the real boring ones >_<)

They sat on the Solero Shot (Space Shot?) while I stood below to take pics. NO WAY am I going to sit on that. I'm afraid of heights and this will absolutely kill me x.x

There were game booths where you could win soft toys. Look at the mountain of bears! You can win these by 'fishing' plastic ducks with a pole.

We were lucky cos it only rained for a little while and the rides were open for most of the day. On the 2nd day, it rained and rained so the outdoor theme park was closed.

One thing I like about Genting : the view & all the greens

That balloon lollipop is so cute!! There were clowns in the outdoor theme park making balloon animals and all.

The spider on the Haunted House thingy in First World. It looks cool on the outside but it's actually really boring. Not worth it for the price..

Not many pictures as most of them had other people in the photo or just wasn't photos of me.

I usually just go with my family and this is only the 2nd time I've gone with my friends and even the first time, my parents were kinda there too.

Things I've learnt from this trip :
1. Bring your own food. Food and drinks are obnoxiously expensive there!
2. If you don't mind bringing extra stuff, bring your own blanket. Theirs suck =/
3. Wear sunblock x.x
4. Wear a jacket / outfit that suits both hot and cold.

Guess that's all for today. I haven't been in the mood to blog lately (previous posts have been scheduled) as I've been sick for more than a week. Darn viral fever.. So take care of yourself and don't catch the bug x.x


  1. ohya, i got sunburnt!! or rather juz dryness??

  2. I'm enjoying looking at your photos.
    Pretty nails! I like the color combination.

  3. Lol I dunno about you Jingyi, but mine was definitely sunburn >_<

    Thanks gingerSnap. ^^

    Yeah she is, isn't she? I just love scruffing up her fur xD

  4. I miss going to amusement parks.. Im scared of roller coasters though~ the ones with the loop and stuffs :P scared that it might got some problems and that I would get stuck upside down on the loop X3

    And yay for the mountain of bears ~ did you get all those? @_@ WOW! hehe

    and i so dont think Camwhoring is crime ~ Id rather consider it as a Hobby :P LOL

  5. Wow, your nails are beautiful. Came across your blog from NicoLevina

  6. @ Jessica
    I rarely go to amusement parks now. I actually like the Corkscrew because there's a part where the tracks twist and you're upside down for a bit.

    LOL No, those aren't my bears! We didn't even play as the tokens were kinda pricey. We think they belong to the 'manager' of the booth.

    xD Hobby, huh? Like the way you think

    @ Lavender
    Thanks! ^^


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