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Food Post : Pho Hoa

Nothing fancy but I want to share about the food I like. When my Bf & I really like something, we would eat it a lot and at a certain point, get so sick of it that we stop completely lol I first saw this at Curve but I didn't order anything. I just watched him eat. Didn't think it was nice but I changed my mind after I had a small bite.

This is our usual order, T3. I don't know what's inside but it's beef and noodles lol Edit : The menu says it contains steak, brisket, flank, tendon & tripe pho. >_< You pour in the tauge while it's hot, squeeze the lime in (although I don't think it makes much of a difference; maybe it's not supposed to be added to the soup?) and eat with the sambal. Omg.. I don't usually like noodle soups but this is really tasty <3 It's about RM 17 for a small bowl and about RM 19 for a large bowl. *sigh..* Craving for it right now..

Not only is the food good, the workers there are very friendly as well. They welcome you, open the door for you and smile. Once, when I only ordered an ice cream instead of noodles, the waiter asked if I needed an empty bowl (to share) and if I would like to have my ice cream now or later. Then when I was sick, they gave me warm water instead of with ice like my Bf ordered. They really give me this feeling like they care for their customers.

There's this little thingy that explains all the goodness that is in the ingredients used.

We also checked out the branch in Tropicana City Mall. The 'feel' is more modern here and not so warm like the one in Curve. Sure.. The noodles smell and look about the same but something is just missing.. The Bf says the one in Curve has an extra ingredient : TLC (tender loving care) which makes it tastier. As much as I like this noodle, the Tropicana branch just fails to impress me. Also, there seems to be less meat & noodles inside and it looks less appealing.

Talking about Tropicana City Mall.. I had dinner at the Kenny Rogers there recently. Was very disappointed (more like pissed off) with them. First, we waited quite a while before anyone served us. I ordered a Mac & Cheese while the other 2 ordered chicken with side servings. First, they both received wrong dishes (which were for the table next to us). Then it took half an hour for mine to arrive and guess what? She gave me a side dish sized Mac & Cheese. For DINNER. Who in the world eats such a small bowl for dinner?! >_< Have some common sense please.. I didn't complain as I didn't want to wait another half an hour for a full sized one. Never going back there again..


  1. Kenny Rogers sux..I ate there last Ramadhan to break fast. Not only they sent wrong orders, it took forever to arrive too! Not going to go there anymore..>_< I think all their branches are like that!
    Anyway, have you tried the food at Otak-Otak Place at One Utama? They're pretty tasty and inexpensive too! went there last night and I feel like going there some more! ekeke.
    Enjoyed your food post ^^

  2. Hah! Glad to know I'm not the only one xD I only tried the Otak-Otak Place in Tropicana City Mall.. It's kinda nice! I had the nasi lemak with some kinda chicken and I think a blackcurrant with longan? Yum yum ^^ However, we waited like forever for our otak otak to arrive. Ate finish everything and even waited an extra 10 minutes! Not happy with that..

  3. That looks so yumm! I want some right now!


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