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Blue Eyed

Yet another look by Nicole. (I mentioned you hor! xD) No specific themes this time. Foundation was a little fair as she was experimenting with some new stuff. Flash enhanced the fairness >_< I've always been afraid of bright blues but it actually looks okay here..

And how could I resist Mocha?!

Awww.. He really looks like a soft toy sometimes.

And he even left a paw mark on my leg. Can you see it?

He just makes me wanna hug him whenever I see him =)


  1. oo looove the look! nice color combination!
    and i honestly thought that dog was a toy at first soooo cuuuuute!

  2. hey,nice look! good job Nicole~=) You are such a sporting model. I would have kicked a fuss if people applied color that I dislike on me..ekeke..
    anyway, I've been meaning to say this forever: YOUR DOG IS SUPER CUTE!!! Looks like doll~=D

  3. LOL aisyah at first I was abit worried about the colours she might apply on me but just gotta trust her, eh? =)

    Yeah, Nicole's dog (Mocha isn't mine, although I wish he was xD) is super duper irresistable.

  4. Hello Isabel,
    What product did you use? I like the color. It's perfect for summer. Be careful with bites. Rabies is dangerous.

  5. Sorry Ginger, I'm not the one who did the makeup but I will ask Nicole =)

  6. Hi Ginger, firstly i applied eye base for Isabel, and then I used a light blue color from the LA color metallic palettes - SOIREE palette as the base color for upper lid, the lower lid I used a purple color from the same palette too :) and then i used the blue color from Lancome (sharp blue) and the light shimmering blue from Bobbi Brown, the purple i used Lancome too :)

  7. Love the makeup look! I never wear blue either, but it looks good on you!

  8. that's a really bold eye color! did u go out with it?

    p/s: yr dog is so so cute! if it doesn't move, can pass off as a soft toy

  9. i m not sure i posted my last comment, but here it is: did you wear the blue makeup out?

  10. Lol xin, funny you asked. I did, actually.. but just a short trip to Guardian's. Gosh... Every single person STARED at me =x Especially the old uncles who walked past Guardian's and couldn't stop staring.

    I don't usually go out with these makeup on though =) Nicole is just practicing on my face as she's a makeup student ^^


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