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Guardian Green Tea Facial Mask

So since I kinda like Watson's masks, I decided to try out Guardian's brand ones as well during their sale.

Before pic.. I'm a lil tired today.

This mask is thinner than all the other masks I've used. It feels so comfy on my face and adheres very well! I was delighted to find that it actually smells of green tea. The smell is relaxing and the mask feels very cooling. The essence is not too watery but it feels very wet. However, it did not drip at all. This is a mask that I would buy just because it feels good on my face xD There was no extra in the packet at all and it was just the perfect amount of essence to completely soak the sheet.

I left it on for 20 minutes and it was still very wet, except for my forehead. After patting the extra essence in, I washed it off (I never ever leave mask essence on my face). Skin does look slightly brighter but definitely not whitened. Apart from that, I don't think there was any other effects though...

Price : RM 6.88 for 2
Bought from : Guardian's
Made in Taiwan

Pros : Cheap, easily available, very comfortable, good fit (except the upper lip), does not drip, wet enough
Cons : Not much effect
My conclusion : Will repurchase if there is a sale again. Want to try out the other variants (I saw a total of 4 types). Despite all the pros, I don't think a mask is of much use if it doesn't deliver it's claims. I would however, repurchase this to be used on hot days or when I need to relax =)

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