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Yellow Organza Ribbon

Sorry for another hair post.. And the crappy pictures. I've been too lazy to get the camera recently or the camera's just not in the house so photos were taken with my phone x.x

I've been curious about my hair recently. I don't curl, use a straightening iron (hair's rebonded anyway) or style it. Not going to wake up another hour earlier just to do it. And I know I'll need at least an hour because I'm gonna screw it up.

As I was searching through some old bags of stuff, I found two strips of bright yellow organza ribbons. I wore these on my ala Bubbles (Power Puff Girls) double ponytail during a dance in primary school. I remember being made to wear them even though none of my friends had anything on their hair and I even had dark red lipstick on (omg >.<). I also remember being stared at and called an attention whore wth!

Close up..

I tied one into a ribbon and the 2nd one simply became the band to go around my head. Not very practical since it's unstretchable so you gotta retie it every time you wear it. Maybe it would be better if I got a bunch of stretchable headbands and just sew this on.

Just being weird me, experimenting with things around the house. Maybe I'll wear it to college one day and see how my friends react lol


  1. You should try those 'usagi' headbands that are quite popular these days. =) I think they look pretty cute combined with skirts and stuff.

  2. Oh I just Googled it lol You mean those that has wire inside and it looks like rabbit ears? Lol I prefer elastic ones or else they will just drop off >.<

  3. very cute ^^ i lvoe the colour and thanks for the visit ^^


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