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Coastel Scents 20g Rotation Sifter Jar

My sister had her wedding photoshoot about a month ago. Obviously, I was going to bring my make up there to touch up. At that moment, I was using the Elf Mineral Booster but due to it's size and also the fact that it's in loose powder form, I didn't think it was quite suitable to travel with. So I ordered these special jars from Coastel Scents. They had the usual sifter but with an extra mechanism on top where you can actually cover the holes so the powder doesn't come out. It was so cool, I just had to get some. Unfortunately, there were some delays in the spree and I only got them after the photoshoot (I brought the mineral booster anyway and the powder was accumulating above the sifter).

Firstly, the sifter is kinda flimsy so if you don't close it evenly, it may bend and you can't turn the thing on top as it's in a 'drain' along the circumference. Took me quite a while to get it right. Then, I turned it over and shook it. To my disappointment, powder started falling out even though the holes were covered! Wth it doesn't work but it does reduce the amount of powder coming out. Also, you have to fill in more powder or else none will come out..

Here's mine. I used one to store a MAC Studio Fix Loose Powder (or something that sounds like that) as I got a baggie of it along with some mascaras then I didn't know and cut straight into the envelope. I didn't use the powder but placed the baggie in my box of makeup. For the next few days, I kept finding traces of powder all over my stuff but didn't suspect anything. Then I found out that I cut a big hole into the baggie =.= The black cover looks good but I think I saw another type which has a clear cover..

To use, I always pour the powder out onto the cover then pick it up with my kabuki. It may get messy if you pour too much. I just use the kabuki to 'clean' the excess powder on the jar then apply it on my face.

After I'm done, I turn the thingy to cover the holes and I always keep the jars upright. But as you can see in the photo above, powder can still go above the sifter. If you still don't know what am I talking about with all this turning to cover the holes, there's an animation at the CS website lol

Size : 20 g
Price : $0.85 / RM 3.80
Bought from : Coastel Scents (via StrawberryGirL from

Pros : Reduces amount of powder above sifter
Cons : Leaks, hard to turn if not closed properly
My conclusion : I already have 5 of these and I don't travel much so I don't think I'll be repurchasing.

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