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What Has Become of the World?

Sorry, this post is not on beauty. More like a rant. Last week, I sat for my exam paper and we shared the hall with two other classes. We were told to leave our bags at the end of the hall behind us. My class was the last to leave as our paper was the longest. Later, my friend discovered that her wallet and Dior foundation was gone. We were all stunned because who in their right mind would want to steal a used Dior? It may be because of the expensive looking velvet pouch it came in which made it look like a handphone or something pricey. We were disgusted as the culprit was our college student and he/she was in the same hall as us!

Then another incident, my uncle in Perak. He has a son who is currently working in Singapore. One day, few weeks ago, he received a phone call from 'kidnappers' who said they had his son and demanded RM 50k be deposited into an account. They even knew where he worked and other information about him. My uncle heard someone slapping his son and he was shouting 'Ma! Save me!'. Of course, my uncle immediately called his son but it was as though someone had blocked any calls from going through to his number. This makes us suspect that it is an inside job by the phone company. My uncle was about to bank in the money when someone finally managed to contact his son through his friends. The same thing happened to my sister's employer's relative who is in Korea. I don't know how they managed to get the son's voice or perhaps it was just psychological. As the panic rushes through your body, you assume that it really is your child, asking for help. Too much personal information is revealed online sometimes (Facebook?). It is not hard to find your information from those companies that sell the information you put on forms too. If you are away from your family, overseas, you are more prone to becoming the target to these false kidnap cases as it'll be harder for your family to contact you. Just to be safe, you should give your family a list of people you are always with and their contact number

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