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Small Hair Bow

I've never been good with my hair or just couldn't be bothered. In primary school, I had 'Sailormoon hair'. 2 long high ponytails, every single day. >.<

Then I cut my hair to shoulder length in Standard 5 (year 2002). I was assistant class monitor lmao (I think I was.. Since I had that tag on). Just for your info, I wear glasses but I have contacts now. Actually, I have a story about my glasses.. One year, my school had a trip to Malacca and we went to the Crocodile Farm/ mini zoo (I'm not so sure about this). Inside, there was a haunted house and us bunch of girls decided to go in. We were walking walking walking.. and there was this HUGE group of people in front of us screaming and screaming. There was a round ball wrapped in a white cloth hanging above, controlled by a man with a string. Before I knew it, everyone was running for the exit and in the stampede (literally), my glasses got knocked off and smashed. I was left alone in the small dark alley and I couldn't see anything. I waited a whole 5 minutes before someone found me and led me out.

Form 2, year 2005. Wtf.. I can't believe I'm actually showing you these. My hair was tied up most of the time into a single ponytail. I look like such a geek..

2006 - got a fringe, medium length hair

Year 2007, I got lazy to cut my fringe so I let it grow into a side fringe. Because my school didn't allow any fringe below your brows I had to clip up my fringe every Monday during assembly.

End of 2007, I cut my fringe short and kinda maintained that look for a while.

In 2008, I was in that Friendster phase and everyone was going for the kawaii look so... I rebonded my hair and got straight fringe. Don't ask about the pose.. >.< I miss my purple lenses!

2009, I entered college so I stopped tying up my hair. Just couldn't be bothered anymore. My hair was whatever it looked like when I woke up. I kinda miss looking like this.

And this is my 2010 look

Looking back at the photos, I realised something.. I used to be tanned (especially the 2007 photo)! I mean I'm not fair now but fairer than before. Even this optometrist I hadn't seen for years commented that I'm fairer now and I was like "Really? I didn't think I changed much"

I miss having a fringe to cover my huge ugly forehead but there's too much hassle in having a fringe. I have to cut it every now and then =/ Plus, I realised that my fringe caused me to have pimples on my forehead.

So anyway, this post is not about my hair in the past. I just got caught up in my own vanity =x Sorry!

I was doing some online window shopping and I noticed these hair bows HERE. (Just search for "Cute Ribbon Bow Wig Hair Clip".

I'm tempted to get one but the colour doesn't really match me. The black is too black and the dark brown is too light =( So I attempted to do my own but because my hair is too short and not all of my hair is the same length, it was quite a failure..

Lol I used a rubber band + hair clip to make it stay but there were so many stray hairs and it looked horrible. I give up.. Maybe I'll just buy the fake one hahaha

I love browsing through her page. There are so many things for sale!!

Oh and here's Putih with his own hair (fur) troubles


  1. You look gorgeous with your recent hair! seriously!your forehead is not ugly at all! >__<
    haha..i saw that bow hair clip! they look so cute! XD

  2. Yeah I know! So cute.. There was even a pic of Lady Gaga (but I'm not sure if that's actually her own hair lol). She looks so good with it lah. *tempted*

  3. I don't think that's her own hair. It looks super humongous! XD But I won't be suprised if it's the real thing anyway since she is just crazy like that XD

  4. Too bad they don't sell that size here. The ones pei2 is selling are kinda small. Max 15 cm oni.

  5. Wow! You used to look SO different!! I know how you feel, because I've been there as well. A lot of my high school friends whom I haven't seen in yrs don't even recognize me! :p

  6. Hahaha! I actually bumped into my primary schoolmates and they were shocked when the third person said it was me =.= But I guess the change is good.. lol


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