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More Attempts to the Smokey Eye

Okay, I wasn't quite sure how a smokey eye should look like so I did two kinds, hoping someone can guide me along here x.x

First up, my right eye. I'm using the Elf the Beauty Encyclopedia Sparkle Eye Edition again because I really want it to work. The silver showed better this time. Silver on inner half and black n outer half. Blend blend blend.. The black on the upper outer half (below my brow bone) kinda disappeared so I had to add more. Guess I missed primer there.

You may notice some odd long hair-like thingies below my eye. I was already wearing mascara from the day (went to the hospital) so while I was applying my e/s, my brush was rubbing against my lashes and caused the fibers to drop out.

The on the left eye, I tried it with a different method. Silver on the 'crease' and black lining the eyes, smudging it upwards towards the crease. Personally, I prefer this eye. There's less drama in it but I don't have to worry so much about the shape.

Both eyes,

Notice how sparkly/shimmery it is? <3

Argh.. I hate taking photos at night. The lighting is just so horrible for camwhoring =( Hmm.. Somehow all of these just came out looking different even though the same lighting and camera settings were used. And my hair keeps falling into my face, blocking my eye >.<

After looking at the photos, I definitely like the left eye better. It makes my eye appear bigger where the right eye can look smaller from certain angles because of the silver (Camwhore pic number 2). However, from the front angle, the right eye looks better and it also shows better in shots taken further away (like below)

What I wore today. Nothing much.. I'm kinda afraid of driving and wearing shorts to drive always makes me more confident somehow. Plus, I was going to a new place alone and wasn't quite sure how to get there (although it was only 10 minutes from my place). I'm so direction blind x_X


  1. Thanks Jen ^^ My sis said it looked abit weird so I wasn't so sure about this.. =/

  2. Very nice.

  3. Thank you to my blog in a post Isabell.Amennyire the google translator translates the text, so I can understand. I really liked your entry, so I wrote to you.

  4. Isabel I agree unfortunately,not everything translates to the usual translator.
    The model's hair in the picture I did.
    My hair can I prepare myself.
    Slowly to learn English. I love it.

  5. Thank you very much, so sweet!


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