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Devil Movie & EOTD

Who would have thought, a simple movie night would give me things to blog about lol Went to 1 Utama (again) to catch Devil by M. Night Shyamalan. If you had been watching his movies, you would have realised that they would be either a great failure or a great hit.

This movie is about 5 people who get trapped in a lift and strange things start to happen. One by one they die and one of them is not who they seem to be. I was abit hesitant to watch it cos watching the trailer already creeped me out (I like horrors). But after watching it, I think it was worth watching. The Bf said his left arm is smaller now because I was constantly squeezing it -_- Don't leave halfway cos you'll miss the ending!

I'm still in my Silkygirl Funky Eyelights Pencil craze. Used Lime Green together with the Solid Gold today. This is after 4 hours. Lime Green above and Solid Gold below. It's a lil odd when paired with my pink lenses. I think it'll look better with my previous brown ones.

*Don't bother enlarging the picture. Quality is too low as again, I was using my phone.

Also, remember my haul from 1 Utama? I mentioned the cashier left out my eyeliner so I got it today. This almost completes my collection ^_^ Not planning to get the pink one though as pink doesn't really look good on me.

So after the movie, we went to Shu Uemura because the Bf said his sister has to "sharpen her eyebrows". I was like what?! O_O Turns out, she was there to sharpen her eyebrow PENCIL =_= *sigh* guys..

Then we went for late dinner at a mamak. Before we left, I went to buy a Magnum ice cream <3! and we met at the car. The Bf's sister drove so he was sitting in the passenger seat and I sat behind. Dunno why my door wouldn't open (it was locked). Somehow, both of them didn't realise it and reversed out without me o.0

Then I stood there and stared at them then the Bf saw me first. He turned to his sister and said "Er.. You forgot Isabel" LOL


  1. nice lenses, which are they?
    your drawings are cute and funny

  2. These are the puffy lenses :

    I don't keep many lenses at once so you girls will be looking at them for some time hahahah


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