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FOTD & OOTD : Purple Themed

I'm using the phone's camera again because my sis took the camera T_T

I was going to hang out at my Bf's place so I wanted to keep things light since the last time I applied a tinted lip balm there, he was like "Omg... You're wearing lipstick in my house?! *rolls eyes*" >_

Kids, look away now!

For the following image may scare you..





I hate my skin.. T_T Don't you hate my skin too? lol

Conceal away! 'Hid' the undereye circles, pimples on forehead and big pimple on cheek. At this point, my undereyes are looking kinda weird as they're too fair.

Applied Elf's Mineral Booster all over face using the Elf Studio Kabuki. This instantly makes the overly-fair undereye circles blend in. Since I wasn't too satisfied with my concealing, I added another layer of concealer. I find that concealer-powder-concealer works better but it may cake.

Elf Healthy Glow Bronzing Powder in Sunkissed along the cheekbones then light touch of Elf Studio Blush in Candid Coral on the apples of my cheek.

Somehow, the combination sort of made me look really tan so I dusted the Elf High Definition Powder all over to lighten my whole face (it was the only powder light enough). I know, I'm such an Elf freak.

Then the eyes.. I'm only using one product, the Silkygirl Funky Eyelights Pencil in Pure Purple (which I reviewed yesterday). This is my favourite colour out of the bunch. I have never been able to master drawing eyeliner so please bear with me if it looks odd. No mascara, just curled my lashes. I think the colour of the eyeliner matched my new contacts really well.

I didn't use any lipstick today because I thought the natural colour of my lips was just fine for this look. Just my clear lip balm and the plumping side of the Elf Plumping Lip Glaze. I kinda like the minty taste.

I'm wearing a top from Tanks for 5. It's a combination of zebra & leopard prints. I have a review coming up on all the clothes I bought from this blogshop.

Bad skin still deserves some camwhoring xD I know I know.. How can anyone be so obsessed about taking photos of herself?

I'm beginning to really like these Pink lenses =) It really opens up my eyes, even when I'm not having makeup on.

As I mentioned in the review for the Silkygirl eyeliner, these don't budge! This is about 8 hours later. As you can see, everything else on my face has pretty much disappeared but my eyeliner is still very much there!

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