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I Won A Giveaway!

As you all know, I'm constantly joining this giveaway here and another giveaway there lol So I finally got chosen for one at Lipstick on the cup. The prize is a Sigma Hollywood Glamour Retractable Kabuki - Something About Marylin. 

It's the perfect thing at the moment as I was just looking around for a retractable brush to bring with me when I bring my makeup out. The red is such an attractive red. And it looks so pretty! I think I may just keep this in my cupboard and not use it cos it's too pretty to be used >_<

Thank you so much for organising this giveaway ^^ I think she's really hardworking cos each post is in 2 languages o.0 I can see that she really put in effort into her blog.

Not related to the giveaway but 2 days ago, I was on the road and scratched someone's car =( I had to pay for the damage as it was quite a long scratch on the rear bumper. (oops >_<)  No more hauls for now, I guess =(

Also not related to the giveaway, I'm thinking of sewing a chocolate chip cookie pillow for my car. I was Googling for images when I saw this HERE

This is so super ADORABLE! But after asking my sis, she said it's better to use stretchable cloth instead of felt. So I'm not sure if it'll turn out that cute =( Also, I'm not sure if I'll even get started on sewing it LOL


  1. congrats for winningg giveaway!! :D

  2. I saw that you won her giveaway! Congrats! I'm always entering lots of giveaways too (=

    Aww sorry about your car accident )= Hope it will not cost you to much!

  3. oh cool congrats :) would love to see a review of it when you get it
    sorry to hear about the car scratch :(

  4. Thanks ^^

    Yeah I saw you too Gaby lol I notice alot of people joined the giveaways from your blog. Actually it's not a car accident. Just a scratch on the car so it didn't cost a fortune =)


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