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Silkygirl Funky Eyelights Pencils

I have rediscovered my Silkygirl Funky Eyelights Pencils. I remember it was a few years back, my friends and I decided to go on a girly trip to Genting. Since only one of us has ventured into makeup, we all decided to check out the makeup section at Bumcity. And because I didn't know much about makeup, I asked my friend to recommend some stuff for me. I left the shop with a bright blue eyeliner, another bright blue eyeliner, a bright green eyeliner and a silver one. Oh god.. I wish I knew then what I know now! Disastrous... Walking around in bright blue eyeliner, thinking it's nice (some of you may have been able to pull if off but it was horrendous!). Well, at the end of the trip. I also got more in bronze, gold and purple.

They're available in 10 colours and I  have Ocean Blue, Sky Blue, Pure Purple, Metallic Bronze, Solid Gold, Frosty Silver and Lime Green. I'm only missing Olive Green and Candy Pink.. The coloured end and clear cap makes it easy to find the colour you want.

I actually liked these alot. Don't know why I stopped using them. They're creamy and smooth, super pigmented, stays put once dry and so cheap! Once, I used Pure Purple and Sky Blue then tried to smudge them together but it didn't work cos the eyeliner wouldn't budge at all =.=

For me, the most wearable ones are Metallic Bronze and Pure Purple. You can wear these alone or combine them with other colours. They also apply well over eyeshadow (as eyeliner). I don't know if it will crease as I don't wear this all over my lid as an e/s. I can't imagine the horror of not being able to blend it x.x

Swatches :

You can control the intensity by drawing over the line to make it darker. Tip : Make sure you are drawing over the line, not pressing harder as this can cause it to clump like the Ocean Blue. Then, when you draw over the lump, the pencil picks up the lump and your line will be broken.

Now for the 'survival test'. Solid Gold & Ocean Blue had clumps earlier and they were the most affected when I rubbed them with a tissue paper. Now, no one in their right mind would actually rub that hard on their eyes so I consider this to be superb!

Then they were rubbed under running water and they survived!

Soap had no affect on them at all. Then I tried with the Silkygirl Makeup Remover. It's kinda funny that it can't remove it's own brand of eyeliner. By now, they are almost gone but you can still see where I drew them. All except Lime Green which is pretty much still 'standing'.

Ta-da! None survived my trusty ol' Maybelline Makeup Remover. There were also no stains despite being so hard to remove.

And the best part? These are only about RM 15.90! And they're still working very well after 3 years (check out the manufacturing date!! >_<)

Product says : These liners add definition to your eyes with flashes of dramatic colors. Jam-packed with high level of pearlescence, your eyes are guaranteed to shine and light-up in a stroke. So soft and smooth, these kohl liners will not tug or drag at the eyelids. It can even double-up as an eye shadow. Available in 10 funky shades.
Size : 1.2 g
Price : RM 15.90
Bought from : Guardian's
Made in Germany

Pros : Creamy, smooth, very pigmented, available in several colours, cheap, doesn't budge once dry, available in most pharmacies, can adjust intensity
Cons : Needs sharpening, cannot be blended, can clump

My conclusion : I absolutely love these eyeliners. If only they were available in more colours! I would really like a teal, dark grey or perhaps a lilac.


  1. heh. :D few days ago was on a hunt for eyeliners when I came across this one. i heard a lot of good reviews for it's cheap price but i think i'd still want to get bloop eyeliners. :\

  2. Bloop eyeliners? I rarely see Bloop actually. Except their big bucket of nail polishes. Didn't know they had eyeliners. Do review on them if you get any =D

  3. Wow, Solid Gold and Frosty Silver are my favorites (=

  4. Really? I don't find myself using the Frosty Silver anymore. The reason it's so short is because I used it alot for highlighting the inner corner of my eyes & below when I was in the 'kawaii phase'.

  5. Ohhhh, I love these! They're really creamy and smooth to apply... and super cheap too! I have these in Solid Gold and Frosty Silver, the gold being my favourite! With a liiiittle smudge work, it's a great combi with black eyeliner and purple shadows... really make my eyes pop! *loves* :) But the silver...I'm ditching that for good. Used to use it for the inner corners of my eyes (works great!), but ever since mum made a random side comment long ago - something about "eye shit", I couldn't bring myself to use it much anymore. LOL! By the way, am currently having trouble SHARPENING these babies... has anyone found a suitable sharpener for this? Thanks guys! :P

  6. Glad you managed to smudge it. It dries too fast for me to smudge. Or I'm just too slow at drawing my eyeliner lol!

    LOL @ your mum's comment hahahaha.. I'm just using some sharpener I bought at some shop somewhere like 2 years ago lol I sharpen it until it shows the amount of eyeliner I want (not too long or else it will break, about 0.5 cm) then I tilt & pull out the pencil in the sharpener abit so that the blade only cuts the tip of the pencil and not the wood. If I don't do this, by the time it's sharp, it'll drop off cos it's too soft -_- What kinda problem are you having anyway?

  7. Where can i buy these complete silkygirl eyeliner at indonesia?

    1. Sorry! I'm unable to help you cos I'm not familiar with Indonesia =(


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