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Bitch Stare

By now, most of us would have probably done it or gotten it at least once. A bitch stare is when another girl stares at you insultingly (I think). It could be because they think you're competition or too ugly to be in their presence. Bitch stares can make a girl really uncomfortable especially when it's paired with finger pointing and whispering. Now, why do girls do it? I don't really know why but I have come up with some reasons.

1. If you're considered competition, they will stare at you and try to find flaws on you so you are less perfect, while trying to make themselves feel as though they are so much better. The truth is, they are intimidated by you and can't accept it.

2. They look down on others who are not as 'on par' with their appearance to make themselves feel better. They compare themselves with these girls as it obviously make them the better girl. However, they never compare themselves to better looking girls and even if they do, they'll be doing number 1.

3. Ok this isn't bitch staring but just normal staring. I do this all the time. I stare at pretty girls because I want to know what makes them pretty and maybe I can do it too. Example, if I like they way she did her makeup, hair, paired her clothes with accessories or just simply the way she looks, I would 'observe' her. These girls are better than celebrities or models in magazines because they're real and there's no Photoshop involved.

4. Reason number 4 is because you're staring at her lol Many times, you stare at a girl and she stares back, thinking you're bitch staring at her. Then the stare war begins.

Now, have you ever stared at another girl, and why?

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  1. yes. a lot actually. XD haha..but just normal staring like your reason n0. 3. I stare at pretty girls a lot especially in trains..LOL.
    I hate it when girls do it in groups. and giggled like they know some inside jokes that you don't. urrgh, that's annoying and I try not to do that with my bunch of friends.
    o yeah, on a sidenote, do u know whether mandyl (spreer in Lowyat) still do sprees? I haven't seen her open any sprees for ages. U_U And everybody else is getting expensive.

  2. LOL! Sometimes I tell my friends "Hey, that girl is so hot" then they give me the weird look =_= As though I HAVE to be a guy / lesbian to say another girl is hot.

    Yes yes! It's like they're talking bad about you, right? Just ignore oni..

    I heard that Mandy is stopping her sprees cos she's busy? Not sure. Maybe you can email her and ask. I guess sgdrugstore is the next best one then.. or hubby_enny

  3. So what's the male equivalent? Dick stare? XD


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