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Do you read beauty magazines?

I just started in August, when I bought a copy of female and Cleo. They were talking about environmental friendly stuff and there was a promotion to get the new Hada Labo stuff if you signed up. I sent in a total of 14 envelopes just to join the contests. (I love contests!) So much for saving the environment. If you didn't want to use envelopes, you can sms your entry at RM1 per entry. That would be RM14 for everything! Way more than what I'm willing to pay. Shouldn't it be cheaper to encourage readers to send in their entries through sms instead of in envelopes?

Then all the recommended products are so expensive and it's usually the ones that have advertised in the magazine. There would be the occasional cheap product but it's only about 5%. A lot of the pages are either advertisements or telling you to buy certain products to achieve the look shown. I don't know why people like reading these magazines. I would understand if you're filthy rich and have tonnes of money to spend but for poor students like me? I certainly didn't buy magazines just to look at items I can't afford..

If only I could read Chinese. My sister-in-law lent us some Chinese magazines and they're so fun to look at! They have make up tutorials, guides on how to wear the same piece of clothing in a dozen ways, hairdo guides etc. They even have pages showing how different falsies will look like on your eyes. Now, how come English magazines don't have that? I kinda feel that they don't care about the content anymore. They just want the money from advertisers. Why not just change your name and become a product catalogue, not a magazine? Kinda disappointed.

Well anyway, I was telling my mum I sent in 14 entries and it would be such bad luck if I didn't win anything. My mum laughed her head off and said "There are thousands of people joining. What makes you think you can win? It's very hard lah.."

And yesterday.. I received a letter from Blu Inc.

*hops about in joy* I won! LOL Well, it's not exactly the one I was really aiming for (come to think of it, I don't really remember what it was) but hey, it's nice to know I'm getting something back from buying these magazines. The Bf just shook his head that day when I bought September's issue of female =_=

Well, for now, I'll continue buying them until I get bored of it =/ There are still some articles I read and I can day dream about buying all those super expensive stuff they advertise lol

Btw, unrelated but I'm thinking of getting My Beauty Diary masks. Any thoughts?


  1. Isabel, i have won different magazine contest but each magazine only let u win once. The best prize i won is grand prize which is a spa treatment for it...

  2. congrats !!! I kinda long time din win from magazine contest ady T_T
    Go go go ~ get d beauty diary mask before your october shopping ban arrives ! haha...

  3. LOL! How can liddat? It's like cheating. Buying and stocking up before the shopping ban hahahaha


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