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Price Reduction on Organic Soaps

My first bar of organic soap was from AliceQ of She's selling a few brands there : Cyleina, Spa Ingredients, Venus & Mars (review coming soon) and B & B Cosmetics. So far, I'm pretty happy with the soaps. I look forward to using them everyday and haven't used the Dove body wash ever since. As mentioned in the post about Cyleina soaps, she has offers and discounts every now and then.

Latest promotion : RM 12 per bar of soap (for selected pieces only)
Since the original prices are RM 20 each, this is a steal!

This promo applies for the following soaps :
Spa Ing Glutathione with Sweet Pea
Spa Ing Kelp & Basil
Spa Ing Skin Shield
Spa Ing Choco Breakfast Treat
Spa Ing Lulur
Spa Ing Wheatbran & Almond
Cyleina Shea Butter
Cyleina Cinnamon & Apple
Cyleina Green Tea
Cyleina Chocolate Milk
Cyleina Triple Citrus
Cyleina Carrot & Pineapple
Cyleina Grapeseed
Cyleina Strawberry

I am so tempted to get Spa Ing Glutathione with Sweet Pea, Cyleina Cinnamon & Apple, Cyleina Triple Citrus, Cyleina Carrot & Pineapple, Cyleina Grapeseed and Cyleina Strawberry
Glutathione is good for whitening, I love citrusy stuff, I heard grapeseed also good for whitening, strawberry is pink! and the rest just sound nice lol But the total would be RM78 with poslaju wtf =.= Can buy 15 items at Daiso already lol I'll rethink about it and choose only a few since I still have soaps from the previous purchase!

Anyway, click HERE for the Cyleina soaps and HERE for the Spa Ingredients. Also, you can visit her blog HERE.

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