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Yoko Cucumber SPA Salt -Visibly Whiten in 7 days

Heh.. This reminds me of Angelina Jolie's new movie, Salt, which I have not managed to catch yet =(

I’m almost done with the whole packet now (which I transferred into a plastic container) so I guess it’s time to write about my thoughts. Initially, I thought it was helping with my dry skin but it was actually just scraping it off, revealing the better-looking skin beneath. I even left a stupid comment saying how amazing this is =.= I'm sorry to whoever who bought it after reading my comment.

I had to pour everything out although my plan was to take 1/3 as I couldn’t clean the ‘zip’ area and it wouldn’t close properly. Bad packaging. Because I poured out the whole packet, it isn't as 'fresh' but not like I'm going to eat it anyway. I have to be careful about not getting any water splashed into it. But you know, there's moisture in the air and it's so humid in the bathroom. Sometimes I have to poke it first because it has clumped together. I'm using a mini plastic spoon that came with a packet of jellies to scoop it.

It looks like.. well, salt. Green salt, to be exact. 

No, my skin did not whiten in 7 days nor do I see any whitening effects after months (although I barely use it now). However, after scrubbing with the spa salt, my skin feels sooo smooth and clean. That however, is all it does. My skin would look red and raw for a while and my poor hand would feel so ‘scrubbed up’. I definitely do not have the patience for this extra step as it’s quite a hassle. You would have to use your normal body wash/soap then dry yourself before using the salt as it cannot be used on wet skin (it'll just dissolve). After washing it off, you have to dry your body AGAIN. Gosh.. I think I will only use it when I want to feel squeaky clean.

I guess this is an efficient exfoliator and for those who exfoliate a lot (not me), this is a really cheap alternative for whatever you're using right now. I wouldn't recommend this for people with sensitive skin though. The scent is okay but the sample I got (Lavender), was horrid! I didn't like the smell at all!

Edit : This post is too negative >.<  The spa salt does have some uses.. It managed to scrub away some stubborn 'stains' like the inner side of the elbow, behind the knees, underarms and also my feet.

And because I threw away the packaging, I don't have a photo of it. Didn't think I would have a blog back then. So click here to see how it looks like. Sorry I only have 2 photos in this post. Didn't find anything amazing to snap for this.

Size : 300 g

Price : RM 5.50
Bought from :
-->narcolepsy21 of

Pros : Exfoliates really well
Cons : No whitening effect, can be too harsh, bad packaging
My conclusion : Definitely wouldn't buy again


  1. Uh uh..I'm using the yogurt one at the moment. The one in pink packaging! I'm sorry it doesn't work for you though..=( I've never tried the other ones from yoko but I'm loving the one that I am using now. ^^
    I agree with you that the zip locker doesn't work at all! It's almost like a gimmick..XD I cleaned and wiped the zip so many times already but it just won't close! XD
    Thanks for the review. I might not be trying out this smell though ^^
    O yeah, mine has to be applied on wet skin. And I think it did a pretty good job at lightening my underarm area.

  2. Eh I have the yogurt one too! Still unopened == Maybe I'll try that. I can't use it on wet skin. The moment the salt touches the water, there's nothing to scrub anymore =/


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