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Venus & Mars Strawberry Cleo Rub

I have only tried emu oil once and it didn't smell pleasant. It was however, very effective for my dry dehydrated skin. Thus, when I got my free trial pack from Alice (only paid for postage), I was kinda concerned about the smell.

She had packed it in a white 10g jar, sealed with masking tape to avoid accidents. On the cover, it was written VnM Strawberry Cleo Rub. Hmm.. She's nice enough to make sure it doesn't leak (too thick, anyway) but wait a minute.. Strawberry?!? I didn't know emu oil came in different scents/flavours now.


The moment I unscrewed the cap, I was greeted by a nice sweet strawberry scent. It wasn't too strong, just right for my smell-sensitive nose. I remember the time my sister got a strawberry scented perfume. Oh god.. My nose could not tolerate it at all! I stepped out of the room whenever she sprayed it. I also avoid going into shops like Lovely Lace because I'll sneeze non stop and choke on the exaggerated perfume.

That night itself, I tried in on my calf, where my dry skin is really horrid. Since it looked hard, I used my finger to press on it for a bit to warm it up. The cream was kinda dry and it felt like I was spreading hard butter on myself lol When I rubbed it on my skin, it felt cold and nice. With a few quick rubs, it melted and got absorbed pretty fast to a non sticky, matte finish. This surprised me as the previous emu oil I tried was extremely sticky and shiny. Coupled with the scent, it definitely wasn't suitable for day use. With this, someone may even mistaken it for a strawberry scented perfume.

After a week of using it, I see no improvement on my calf. I guess the concentration of emu oil is not enough to treat my very serious case of dry skin. So I'll use it on my face since Alice wrote it can help my skin absorb stuff. One night, I noticed that my skin (face) was utterly dehydrated and I looked like a wreck. This little jar was sitting there staring at me so I thought, hey, let's try it out. It took me some effort to spread the cream but I managed to cover my whole face. After rubbing it in, it wasn't greasy at all! So I went to bed smelling like a humongous strawberry and woke up the next morning to a moisturized face smiling back at me. And my face didn't look like a wok either.

The ingredients sound really moisturizing and according to Alice, it can be used on the entire body. On her page HERE, there's an explanation of what the ingredients do. It also claims to be a 'sunscreen blocker'. I think they mean sunblock/sunscreen but anyway, with the small amount I'm applying, it definitely cannot serve as one. It comes in three 'flavours', Strawberry, Melon and Vanilla. I would definitely recommend strawberry because it smells so good!

Product says : Filled with 15% more emu oil than US emu lotions! You’ll surely get your money’s worth with these babies. Cleopatra Rub also gives you some more tender lovin' with its sunscreen blocker.
Ingredients : Emu oil, goat's milk, hazelnut oil, shea butter, almond oil, beeswax, SPF 15, fragrance oils
Size : 200 ml
Price : RM 50
Seller : AliceQ
Made in Phillipines
Pros : Not greasy, smells good, moisturizing enough for face, suitable for oily skin as well,
Cons : Not moisturizing enough for body, kinda dry/hard, difficult to spread
My conclusion : Will not buy the full size after finishing this. I already have runnier lotions for my body's dry skin and for my face, I would prefer not to tug on my skin so much so I'll stick to conventional moisturizers (unless I find a way to make it spread easily). If you only have minor dry skin, I guess this will suffice. It's also good for quick moisturizing when you're out because it's not greasy.

P.S. I believe the free trial is still going on. Hurry up and grab one now!

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