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Foods That Are Bad For My Skin

When I was younger, I loved peanut butter. I would have it everyday without fail with bread, Jacob's biscuits or right out of the jar. That was until... I discovered peanut butter was the culprit behind my horrid complexion. My face was like a minefield, every spot ready to explode anytime. I stopped consuming peanut butter or any sort of peanut products, which meant no more peanut butter cookies, salted peanuts and and and.. peanut butter!

(This website makes my mouth water! :

Miraculously, my complexion immediately cleared! I should have stayed away from peanut butter earlier but it was so addictive.. The creamy texture and nutty taste that will blow your taste buds away. Last year, I discovered an alternative : Nutella.

I was ready to worship this new jar of goodness. It didn't break me out that bad and it answered my cravings. I started my ritual of having it every single day until I finally got sick of it. Now, I still try my best to avoid peanut products. Recently, my sister told me that chocolates can also cause break outs so that's on my list of foods I avoid too. The third one would be oil supplements like evening primrose oil and fish oil. They're supposed to be good for you but they break me out like crazy. Now, I'm quite certain of this because my pimples sprout like mushrooms whenever I take the supplements.

Another one would be 'ikan bakar', specifically, BBQ/fried stingray. People believe stingrays are 'poisonous' so they can cause breakouts. It's also super oily, which contributes to it's ability to cause tiny volcanic eruptions on your face. Which is such a waste cos I love this! It's so delicious T_T

Oh, the price women pay for beauty...

So far, I've only discovered these (number 1 being worst) :

1. Peanuts
2. Oil supplements
3. 'Ikan bakar'
4. Chocolates

Do take note that these are bad for my skin but it may not affect yours.


  1. hmm, i personally don't think chocolates can cause breakouts(only to a certain people) cause it's quite good! O:

    it's a girls' stress reliever. ;)

  2. Lol I didn't think so but sometimes when I eat chocolates, I do get some huge pimples. I can't be a 100% sure it's the chocolates though


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