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The Palette - 'Drive-Thru' Shopping, Groceries & Food in Setapak

Over a month into MCO, Malaysians have gotten more used to ordering food and getting essential goods delivered to avoid crowds at shops and commercial areas. Now, The Palette in Setapak has even launched 'Curbside Pick-Up' so you can buy everything you need without even leaving your car!

Shops available for Curbside Pick-Up

  1. Curbside Pick-Up for AEON BIG
  2. FREE homemade chilli sauce with orders from Uncle Don's
  3. Meals from Good Luck Kopitiam
  4. 50% off your 2nd cup at YGO Fruit Lab
  5. McDonald's Drive Thru
  6. Follow their Facebook to find out when new tenants come on board

Gan Yee Hin, Executive Director of Platinum Victory commented, "As we are anticipating businesses and customers to continue practising social distancing and other safety precautions even after the current situation, we are taking the first steps to embrace this current 'curbside pick-up' concept as a better alternative than in-store pick-ups, if more preferred."

Benefits of Curbside Pick-Up

  • Don't have to park your car
  • Order in advance so you don't have to wait at the shop
  • Staying in your car is definitely safer than queueing at the shop
  • More accessible for people with restricted mobility and single parents with children
Years back as I'm circling SS2 for 30 minutes looking for parking just to tapau dinner, I wondered why nobody is doing this concept and now it's finally here! More commercial areas should implement this service to increase convenience and reduce congestion.

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