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Experiencing Coffee from Around the World at Malaysia’s Largest Coffee Festival

Being a coffee lover, I couldn't miss the Malaysia Coffee Fest 2019 (the largest coffee festival
in the country)! First, I dropped by Roastedly - the coffee brand which promises to deliver good quality coffee from around the world to its consumers without compromising quality, price and convenience.
World coffee champion Jason Loo was there in person to give us some tips on how to extract the best brews out of our coffee beans. The right method can really make a difference.
There was also this special edition box containing five exclusive coffees from Malaysia's top roasters! I loved how one could taste a variety of coffee beans without purchasing a huge bag of each. This is possible with Roastedly's method where beans are packaged individually and separately from the drip bag. This ensures you can get a cup of premium coffee on-the-go as long as you have a cup and hot water!
1 Utama was packed with people there for the various caffeine-fuelled fun and festivities, and to check out the collection of Malaysia’s top-class baristas, local artisan coffee bean roasters, independent specialty coffee houses, coffee beans specialists and suppliers, and coffee equipment distributors and manufacturers.
I enjoyed the various tastes of coffee from over 30 local and international exhibitors. This booth - JWC Roastery - had quite good coffee.
Was entertained by this 'rainbow coffee' which has different unique flavours that really stood out from the crowd.
According to a March 2019 report by Euromonitor International, 2018 saw Malaysia’s volume
sales of fresh coffee beans increased at a faster pace in the foodservice channel than in the retail channel, as out-of-home consumption gained traction. This was due to the recovering consumer sentiment where consumers spent more in foodservice channels.

Patronising specialist coffee shops also became part of the local lifestyle where consumers prefer to socialise and enjoy freshly-brewed coffee at these outlets. Influenced by the developing coffee culture in the foodservice channel, consumers sought to elevate their coffee-drinking experience at home by recreating the quality of freshly-brewed barista coffee. Fresh coffee pods in retail also witnessed a trend towards premiumisation and flavour sophistication.
Looking forward to the next Malaysia Coffee Fest!

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