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[Beauty] Cellnique Reversal Peptide Capsules Review

Early aging signs can be unexpectedly shown around face and neck area from late 20s to early 30s and continue to deteriorate with the passage of time. Fine lines, pores becoming larger and skin turns slightly yellowish are the symptoms of pre-matured aging. Areas around the eyes, nasolabial folds (smile line) and jaw line will gradually change its shape as it begins to lose its elasticity.
Cellnique Reversal Peptide Capsules Review
This uniquely formulated Cellnique Reversal Peptidic Capsules with advanced oligopeptide reinforces the resilience of skin against all these pre-matured aging appearance by applying the high potency content inside capsule day and night. Reversal Peptidic Capsules has been clinically tested and sold in more than two hundred professional skin care centers since 2015.
Cellnique Reversal Peptide Capsules
Note: Place in a cool, dry area. I left these in my car and the capsules stuck together LOL Managed to pull them apart though. The capsules were tougher than I thought.
Cellnique Reversal Peptide Capsules
One capsule a day (or night) is the perfect amount.
Cellnique Reversal Peptide Capsules
Pinch and twist the top to open and squeeze out to apply. To be honest, the smell is not pleasant so don't go sniffing it! Reminds me of collagen supplements or vitamin pills.

It's a slightly viscous liquid that feels slippery. I was rather concerned at first because this amount of such a thick liquid could not possibly absorb into my face, right? Wrong! I use the slippery opportunity for a little facial massage and it absorbed so well! No problem topping up with a moisturiser as well.
Applying Cellnique Reversal Peptide Capsules
Personally, I was surprised how an anti-aging product isn't too heavy or oily for me as that is usually the case. I wouldn't mind using this except it costs about RM250 for 21 capsules which is rather steep for me.

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