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6 Tips for Traveling on a Budget

Most of us have a dream of traveling the world or at least going somewhere special for the holidays. But how can we do that without breaking the bank? Well, here are some easy tips for you to start with!

#1 Join contests

Follow pages or websites that often post contests and try your luck. Winners often walk away with hotel stays, flight tickets, and even entire trips! What's better than getting the cheapest tickets? FREE TICKETS! This could easily save you hundreds or thousands of Ringgit so I don't see why you shouldn't try your luck.

Some contest websites you can try:

#2 Lookout for the best prices

You should search different websites to compare and get the cheapest tickets. This can be quite time consuming so I highly recommend using websites that compare all the flights for you from one place. There are also flight + hotel packages that are cheaper than booking both separately.

#3 Book in advance

Buying your flight tickets early can really make a difference as flight prices skyrocket right before your travel dates. Look for off peak seasons or purchase during sales to save even more. Just make sure you look at the T&C properly for sale tickets.

By booking in advance, your preferred accommodation will have the best rooms available for you too! This is especially useful if you're going in big groups as the hotel you want may not have enough rooms to accommodate all of you on the same dates. Groups can even try booking entire villas or hostels where you get the whole place to yourselves.

#4 Research research research!

As much as you want to be spontaneous, it's a good idea to research about the activities and places of interest in advance. Group activities in the same area on the same day so you don't waste time and transportation fee jumping between areas. Finding out the food prices and entry fees will also help you budget your trip.

#5 Skip the tours

Sure.. tours are convenient but they're running a business too so you're definitely paying more for their service. As mentioned above, do your research before heading there so you can explore on your own! If a tour sounds too good/cheap to be true, it probably is! You're better off traveling in your own group - you control where and when you go.

#6 Follow the locals

Feeling peckish? Avoid the fancy restaurants filled with tourists! Observe the locals and find out where they eat, shop and enjoy. They usually know the best spots which offer more value for your money. You could always ask your hotel reception, a taxi driver or even a friendly stranger too.

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