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6 Instagrammable Spots at Tiffin Food Court @ The Gasket Alley

While everyone is talking about the food, I would like to say thank you for the great setup! From one Insta-newbie to another, this location is great for taking photos. Here are some spots that I recommend:

#1 That Tiger Beer sign

The 虎牌啤酒 sign added with the setup and colour gives such old school bar vibes! Would be better with a tall glass of Tiger so do help yourself.

#2 That other Tiger Beer sign

Get ready to go low cos this one's on the ground lolol

#3 Outside the washroom

Yep.. the lights change so choose the colour that suits your mood! The tree outside the washroom is illuminated as well if you're interested in doing a Hantu Kak Limah.

#4 The female washroom

And I'm not talking about mirror selfies!
Obviously not a problem if you're female but some guys have dared to step inside to take a shot with the lovely pink hue. Anything for the Gram!

#5 The stairs beside Tanuki Raw

There are several angles you can get here so try them all and play with the lighting.

#6 Floating lanterns

The colourful lanterns that fill the ceiling are so dreamy, had to get a shot with them.

The food

Chef Malcolm Goh's Wagyu Mac and Cheese Coquette, new Pizza Lab and Boba Lab drinks by myBurgerLab, and Tanuki Raw's Truffled Yakiniku Donburi and Loco Moco Donburi. All washed down with some Cold Brew.
And these were straight up Insta-worthy from Softsrve. It's as though they knew what we wanted! They tasted as good as they looked. Try both flavours!

Tiffin Food Court 2018

This collaboration of food, music and Insta-worthy spots is open until 21st October 2018
Venue: The Gasket Alley
Day: Thursday to Sunday only
Time: From 5pm till late

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