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[Tech] Fix Jumping Cursor/Mouse on MacBook

I purchased a MacBook Air and found there was a problem with the jumpy pointer. Thought I should share what was the problem behind it and how I solved the issue!


The mouse/cursor on my MacBook is going crazy as it jumps with every movement. I've already tried restarting the Mac and looked through the trackpad settings but nothing was weird.

Example in video below:


At first I noticed that the jumping cursor only happened when the laptop was plugged in. After some Googling, I tried another power adaptor (original) and INDEED that was the issue! So it seems this is a sign that the laptop is incompatible with the 3rd party adaptor. So don't settle for cheap OEM power adaptors!

My knowledge on this is too shallow to explain why this happens but as long as it solves the problem eh?

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