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[Blogging Tips] How to Redirect Naked non-www Domain to www?

I have been unable to redirect my blog's naked domain to for 2 years but I finally found the solution!

What does this even mean?

Naked domain name:

Subdomain: www. or blog. or shop.

Complete domain name: or or

Without redirecting to, the naked domain doesn't work/open. Thus, you risk losing traffic to your website.

404 Naked domain cannot be opened

I blog from Blogger and bought my domain from Exabytes - they weren't being very helpful about it. I asked about it, they claimed to have solved the problem but it still didn't work. I feel cheated =( I Googled all over and found no solution, especially for Exabytes.

Then I found the awesome people at (OMG THANK YOU!)

Step 1) Open your blog's DNS Management

Step 2) Point your naked domain A-record to the IP address
Step 3) Wait 1-2 days for your DNS to update

Exabytes DNS Management to redirect naked domain

I waited a few hours for the DNS to update then gave it a try.

Redirecting naked blog domain

Ta-da! Now both and work.

So grateful for for providing this service free of charge, no strings attached.


  1. ooh. that's weird :o I am also under Exabytes, but with or without the www front it still worked for mine >.<

    1. You mean I'm unable to open it..


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