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Spa Ceylon - Luxury Ayurveda has Arrived in Malaysia

Spa Ceylon combines Ayurveda wisdom, fine natural ingredients
& contemporary design to bring you the ultimate in Ayurveda luxury.

Ayurveda is a healing science that balances your life. The products not only smell and feel good but heal your skin and body at the same time.

No, this is not a spa. However, you can buy products to transform your home into your very own little spa.

The first flagship boutique has opened its doors in Nu Sentral, KL. You'll probably smell it from metres away haha

Products are 100% vegetarian, alcohol/paraben/SLES/paraffin free and not tested on animals. They also support community trades and promote sustainable harvesting.

Spa Ceylon carries a whopping 450 products to pamper your body, mind and soul.
Price ranges from RM 29.90 to RM 350.

You might wonder why there are so many products. You see, many of the products are specially formulated to suit 3 kinds of Doshas:

  • Vatha Dosha - Tend to be more fragile and lean. Dry scalp and hair with rough, wrinkled and sometimes-cracked skin.
  • Pitha Dosha - Strong with medium body types. Weak and thinning hair, light skin that freckles and gets sun burnt easily.
  • Kapha Dosha - Larger boned body, soft and thick hair, skin consistency that is more oily, smooth and moist.

I think Vatha Dosha would be the most suitable for me.. It's the one in the middle.

They have products for your body, feet, hair, face and home. Check out some of the stuff that caught my attention below.

#1 Aromaveda Natural Diffuser

Those white flowers on the bottom row were made using tree bark and act as diffusers. So pretty as gifts!

#2 Natural Twigs Room Aromizer

Instead of artificial ones, these are handpicked from trees! So each aromizer is different and unique.

#3 Massage & Body Oil

With the root still in it omg?

#4 Detox Range

The Detox range is the latest addition to the family. Coffee in the body scrub removes toxins while the walnut bits exfoliate. I was interested in the Bamboo Charcoal Body Pac as well because it's so dark hahaha

#5 Green Mint Foot Care

Imagine coming home from a long and tiring day to a warm foot soak complete with a scrub, mist and balm. The minty sensation increases blood flow to help your feet relax too.

#6 White Jasmine Facial Masque

Apart from products for your body, there are facial care in the White Jasmine range. This facial masque was recommended to give you the extra glow. It looked pretty similar to a mud mask.

#7 Charity Products

Some of the products contribute their sales to charity - rehabilitate people and areas damaged by war in Sri Lanka, help women and save the Majestic Ceylon Elephants.

#8 Sleep Therapy range

Among all the products I tried and sniffed that day, the Sleep Therapy range was my favourite. Especially this Body & Pillow Mist! Basically you spray it onto your body or pillow so you can relax and sleep better at night.

With the Spa Ceylon founder and director, Shalin Balasuriya.



  1. Sounds like an amazing experience, and I so love their product packaging!

    1. The foot products are cute aren't they? =D

  2. should try the foot products its so amazing!!!..omg i love it so much

    1. Ah crap.. Didn't get the foot products. I still have the mist though. Smells amazing!

  3. The foot products its so amazing!!!..omg i love it so much..

  4. Such a pleasant data about foot product.But more data identified with ayurveda click here- ayurveda

  5. spa Ceylon now in Australia
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