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[Movie] Ah Boys To Men 3: Frogmen

Genre: Comedy, Action
Rating: 8/10

I've already watched the previous two Ah Boys To Men but it just gets better. They are now in NDU (Naval Diving Unit) which is a special task force that requires special skills and the training is more challenging than the rest.

To prepare for the movie, the cast went through a 3-month intensive training in order to portray the right image about these well-trained elites in the Singapore Navy. Wow.

Joshua Tan plays the rich and spoilt Ken Chow who gives a million reasons to escape training. Aloysius (Maxi Lim) is still creating trouble for the rest and Lobang (Wang Weiliang) continues to bring forbidden goodies for his mates. They are now joined by Hei Long (Wesley Wong) who is a gang leader who likes to bully his way around. ONE person finally stands up against him. Guess who? =p

Their new head, No.2, is fiercer than Tosh Zhang's character and the group go through rounds and rounds of what I would call 'torture'. But he eventually shows a different side which will tug at your emotions.

Find out the truth about Aloysius, Lobang's life and what happens to the boys in NDU now! Bring tissue as this movie is a real tearjerker. Highly recommend to watch!

P.S. Coolest looking graduation everrr!

Fans going cray cray at Nu Sentral~ Ermahgad Tosh Zhang!

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  1. I was sooo looking forward to go! Will definitely find time to go watch it at the movies


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