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[Food] Nosh Up @ Jaya Shopping Centre

I was pleasantly surprised to know of the existence of this nice place on the lower ground floor of Jaya Shopping Centre. Thanks to le Bf for bringing me here during Valentine's =D

I only had the Valentine's menu but I spotted some dishes that looked nice in the menu. The night's meal cost us RM 138 which I found to be reasonable considering it was a 6 course meal and they were delicious. Uhh I didn't get a photo of the mocktail but it was super nice!

Shrimp Cocktail

I knew I would like this place the moment I tasted the starter. Fat, juicy shrimps served with an abundance of avocado chunks. We sapu-ed the plate clean.

Let's Warm Up

Creamy pumpkin soup served with heart-shaped garlic bread. So cute! I unfortunately am not fond of pumpkin so I did not fully enjoy this.

Hoi! Who's stealing my bread?

Little Lover's Chat

Five little yummy bites with spicy and sour flavours. Again, I enjoyed the prawn and mussel too which had the same sauce as the shrimp cocktail (I think). The wanton was not bad as well.

Fishy Pinky Love

A big slice of salmon served on a bed of asparagus with salad and hash browns on the side. I'm gonna be real honest here. This was slightly fishy but I admit my tolerance towards the fishy taste is really low. And if you notice.. even the hash brown is heart-shaped omg!

Sweet Cherry Lamb

Did not expect this much at all! They're so generous with the portion. Almost could not finish this dish. The lamb was cooked well and still juicy. And those cherries omg~~~~ I can't even explain the explosion of taste when you bite into one. I would definitely pick the lamb over the salmon =)

P.S. The capsicum was heart-shaped also HAHA all the effort..

Pick Me Up

Dessert was beautiful like an angel. I consider the ice-cream normal but the pannacotta omg! Silky smooth and almost melts in your mouth. Tasted amazing with what seemed like rose syrup. It gave it a really pretty pink hue as well.

Then have to take photo of the bouquet as well because flowers are expensive on Valentine's =x

Teehee! Thank you for everything..

HAHAHA! Took this from their Facebook page. Spot us xD The place is cozy and staff are really nice. Suitable for families and couples.

I wouldn't mind returning here. I recommend the Shrimp Cocktail, the lamb and the pannacotta.

Address: Lot LG-26, Jaya Shopping Centre, Jalan Semangat, 46100 Petaling Jaya, Selangor

Contact number: 03-7931 8988
Operating hours: 10am- 10pm


Disclaimer: Dinner sponsored by le Bf hahahaha


  1. wooo... so romantic. Been there for breakfast once. Haha


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