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Esme Aesthetic Clinic @ Jaya One

Hello! We are at Esme Aesthetic Clinic~

Saw this offer on their Facebook page for a free facial session worth RM 888 if you bring 2 friends so I grabbed Marian & Wen Lian to go with me. It was Wen Lian's first time doing facial so glad we brought her to Esme so that she wouldn't have bad impressions of facials in the future.

Took this shot in the room keke all of us went for a hydrating facial. My dry skin was grateful. I was attended to by Sylvia who was really friendly and gentle.

I didn't take any photos in between because we're supposed to relax kan? Sylvia helped me to snap this photo of the mask. I would like to note that the extraction process was done really gently to avoid hurting the skin. In the past, I have gotten really angry pimples and bad scars from bad extraction before. Never force it! If done correctly, it should not hurt that much.

P.S. The rose toner smells really nice haha

Facial done! At their resting area waiting for Marian to finish.

Showing off our refreshed skin wahahhaa! Both Wen Lian & I noticed that our skin looked so much more hydrated. The area around my nose looked cleaner too. Sylvia advised me to use a gentle scrub around the nose more often as I was prone to getting blackheads.

Spotted these super cute Choi Sen Yeh pillows in their lounge omg?

Couldn't resist HAHA We spent our free time after facial taking photos because believe it or not.. 

We were not pushed to make any purchases.

At all. How rare is that?! I've spent 1.5 hours in a 'consultation room' being pushed by girl after girl to purchase their 'limited promotion package'. But none of that happened at Esme. Awesome. Finally a place you can go to truly relax and not worry about being forced to buy stuff.

Love how there's no downtime after this facial, no extreme redness or super oily skin from incompatible skincare. How is my bare face here? =D

Address: No 65-1, block D, Jaya One, no 72a, Jalan University, 46200 Petaling Jaya, Selangor
Contact number: 03-7955 1491

Operating hours: 10am-7pm, Monday to Saturday

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