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[Review] Makeup Revolution Lip Power - Everything's Alright

Did you know.. Taking a photo while lying down makes you look better? xD Even better if the source of light is from the direction of your chin hahaha!

Today I'm writing about Makeup Revolution, the brand that has arrived in Malaysia to sell it's affordable cosmetics. The product here is their dual-ended Makeup Revolution Lip Power which has both lipstick and gloss for the low price of RM 24.

A random shade was sent to me so I'm glad it's "Everything's Alright" cos it's a pretty light pink.

First.. Testing out the gloss. Not too sticky but it has barely any colour. Maybe just for that hurried touchup before you dash out of the house. It has very fine shimmers in it that make your lips look plump. It wears comfortably and doesn't feel heavy.

Next, lipstick by itself. It is absolutely gorgeous! A light matte pink that glides well (considering it's a matte colour). I don't do light pinks very well but this was surprisingly very wearable.

I like how it doesn't dry out my lips too much unlike other mattes. This is probably one of the rare brands with matte colours that dry lips can use.

If you're not digging the matte look, you can always top it with the gloss. I can wear both for different moods ^_^

Price: RM 24

** Product was provided by the company for review purposes. However, this has not affected my thoughts on the product in any way.


  1. so pretty! I love how natural it looks on you!!

    1. Thanks! I do like the subtle pink colour ^_^

  2. Ooh, this is surprisingly nice for a light pink shade. Look very MLBB on you. :D

    1. IKR.. Light pinks usually make me look like Nicki Minaj but this is okay


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