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[Fashion] 4 Ways to Wear Your Cardigan

Got this cardigan from Showroom Korea and thought the colour was rather eye-catching. It was even on sale because it was the last colour available! I love sales~

Thanks for the beanie, Tania and Gucci Glasses are from Vision Spa.

Cardigans don't have to be boring; I found 4 ways to wear mine:

#1 Draped over another piece
Especially if you work in an air-conditioned office, this look may be very familiar. I literally had a cardi on my chair as a permanent-resident because I would wear one everyday.

#2 Button up!
I still wanted to keep it casual-looking so I didn't button all the way down. You can wear it as a top alone too but this particular cardi is rather sheer so a tube is needed.

3# Crop top
Leave the last 2 buttons undone and tie both sides into a knot. Secure by buttoning the last button so the knot doesn't come undone.

The Laurel Skorts are from Showroom too! They're not really skorts though.. Skorts are usually shorts inside a skirt or have a flap of fabric on the front. However, this one is more of a skirt with a tiny piece of fabric between your thighs. Something I can only explain with a photo.. LOL So although it wears like shorts, you still gotta sit like it's a skirt.

The quality is really good and I love it!

#4 Wrap skirt for the beach
I particularly chose this cardigan for this purpose because of its sheer material. Basically, you wrap the cardigan around your waist, button up and tie the sleeves into a knot.

Not too bad right? Gonna go hunt for more sale items at Showroom Korea.

** Product was provided by the company for review purposes. However, this has not affected my thoughts on the product in any way.

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