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Flexible Glasses for Parents of Young Children

After I went to Vision Spa to get my glasses done, my dad saw my new glasses and wanted to get a new pair too. Then my mom saw both of us wearing new glasses and she obviously couldn't be left out so... lol~

Mum only needs reading glasses but those cheapo ones she got from the morning market were hurting the sides of her head.

Dad's are titanium so they're extra light to compensate for the heavy high-power lens.

Yay! All 3 of us got new eyewear xD Mum and dad are happy with their flexible frames. Gotta get these if you have a child in the house. Mum has broken her glasses countless times already while dealing with Carlson.

Warning: Do not simply try to bend your glasses if you're not sure if they are the flexible kind.

Shop staff - This pair is flexible so it won't break easily *demonstrates the flexibility*
Dad - Oh really? *grabs a random pair of branded glasses and bends it*
Me - (fffuuuuu) NO, DAD!

Dad tried on this super bling Versace earlier. Uhmmm LOL no.

I think he would suit this really classy Cartier pair though.. Like a boss wei

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