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Special Pineapple Tart Recipes - Green Tea, Chocolate, Oats & More

Pineapple tarts are a must-have during Chinese New Year but after 5 houses of pineapple tarts, you just start feeling sick at the sight of them. Here are 8 special pineapple tart recipes you might wanna bake for this festive season.

8 pineapple tart recipes to try this Chinese New Year

SCS Butter box

Includes both open and closed tarts.

SCS Butter pineapple tarts

My favourites were the green tea and oat version. Scroll down for the recipes! Click to enlarge.

Box of pineapple tarts

Before you bake the tarts, of course you gotta make the pineapple jam first!

How to make pineapple jam

Cream de la Creme Pineapple Tarts
A luscious concoction of cream cheese & pineapple whipped together to perfection.

Cream de la Creme Pineapple Tarts

Lady in White Pineapple Tarts
Spell love with the sweet fusion of pineapple, white chocolate drizzles and hints of mango.

Lady in White Pineapple Tarts

So Tea'licious Pineapple Tarts
The zen taste of green tea marries well with pineapple for a smooth yet uplifting flavour. This is my favourite of the bunch for it's refreshing and light taste.

green tea Pineapple Tarts

'Oat' My Gosh Pineapple Tarts
Simple oat of this world (SCS Butter why you so punny). A wholesome recipe filled with oats & pineapple to satisfy cookie cravings. This is a healthier version but not necessarily less yummy. I liked the texture with the oats.

Oat pineapple tarts

Pecans Please Pineapple Tarts
A pleasing trip for the senses in this aromatic journey through nutty pecan bits and tangy pineapple.

Nutty pecan pineapple tarts recipe

Dark Desire Pineapple Tarts
The chocolate lovers' guilty pleasure is this decadent blend of chocolate and pineapple. IMO the chocolate flavour was a bit too strong and covered much of the pineapple but if you love chocolate, I guess that's okay.

Chocolate pineapple tarts recipe

Nuts for Caramel Pineapple Tarts
Three times the zest in this triple-flavoured recipe of hazelnut, caramel and pineapple mix.

Nutty pineapple tarts recipe

Berrylicious Pineapple Tarts
The fruity cranberry and pineapple pair is an appetizing match made in heaven.

Cranberry pineapple tarts recipe

All these recipes were provided by SCS Butter~

SCS Butter

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