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Protecting Your Skin From Germs

How is life with little Carlson? He treats me as a human tissue paper whenever his face/hand gets dirty, spills food on me and last week, he peed on my leg. Yeah.. Also, I have a poop-eating dog in my house and I literally have had poop smeared all over me #truestory

Poop eating dog


We have a natural skin barrier known as the Acid Mantle that protects us from bacteria, viruses and contaminants? This very thin layer is naturally secreted by our skin and has a healthy pH between 4-6, neutralising the germs and contaminants. It keeps our skin healthy, soft and free from dryness too.

Causes of stress, inflammation & infection

Causes of stress, inflammation & infection

We encounter these every single day! Thus, to protect our Acid Mantle and maintain healthy skin, we must
  • clean our skin with a slightly acidic cleanser
  • moisturise skin
  • provide antibacterial protection
  • use sun-protection
  • treat skin gently

And there is one product that does just all that!

Dettol pH Balance Shower Gel

Dettol pH Balance Shower Gel range

The pH test

I'm using a Hydrion pH pencil to test the pH level of my skin, Dettol shower gel and Brand X shower gel which I've been using for years.

Hydrion pH pencil

As you can see, Dettol's pH level closely resembles my skin's natural healthy pH level while Brand X is wayy too alkaline. This is the pH level of baking soda and dries out my skin =(

Testing pH level of Dettol pH Balance Shower Gel

The shower gel is available in 6 variants - original, skincare, cool, fresh, re-energize and radiance.

Dettol pH Balance Shower Gel original fresh reenergize and skincare

Personally, my favourite is skincare because it smells of flowers. When I was a young girl I would put flowers in my hair and pretend butterflies would chase me around (thankfully no bees did that!) but now I'm upgrading to flower scented shower gel.

Dettol pH Balance Shower Gel skincare smells great

Now it's your turn! Take the Dettol pH Challenge at and get RM5 off your Dettol pH balanced shower gel!

Dettol pH challenge


  1. wow, that ph pen seems awesome! Where you get it? Great post btw.

  2. It was given to me but I do see people selling on Ebay..


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