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Amask Gold & Stem Cells Facial Mask Review

Got these Amasks to try out and the word 'gold' caught my eyes! Amask is formulated in Switzerland and does not contain paraben, alcohol and artificial colouring.

Amask facial masks

If you watch Come On, Cousin (老表,你好hea!), I think this will be Kam Kwong's (金礦) favourite mask xD

Amask details

Amask sheet with gold

Sit back and relax with your gold mask lolol It's super thick and saturated with serum, ensuring it stays moist for over 20 minutes. Honestly it feels luxurious xD or I'm influenced by the pieces of gold in it.

Reviewing Amask facial mask with gold

After you remove it, you will notice the gold flecks still on your skin. Simply massage them in and pat until not sticky.

Gold flakes on face

Ta-da! Unfortunately, I left some gold on my face and apparently I was sparkling lolol

Results after using Amask

Say hello to moisturized skin~ Combining the miracle ingredients of stem cells, gold and herbal extracts, Amask is an all purpose facial mask that hydrates, age-defends and whitens your skin.

Amask gold mask review


The mask is priced at RM 89 for a box of 4 but you can get 10% off if you quote my name =)

Box of Amask

Where to buy?

WeChat: taimy0820

Amask gold and stemcell mask review

** Product was provided by the company for review purposes. However, this has not affected my thoughts on the product in any way.

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