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Stanzo Collection Furniture Store @ 1 Mont Kiara

Woot! Here's a new furniture store in Kuala Lumpur to decorate my future dream home.

What I like about Stanzo Collection is that it's so cozy and modern. The furniture look good and are functional.

Relax & Chill
Imagine a wall-mounted TV on the wall. I could come home from work and just plop myself on the sofa with a warm meal. Perfect!

Modern & Sophisticated
Would love this setup for getting work or blogging done! The whole combination of the colour and setup just gives me a successful and confident aura. I also do love the ample vertical storage space that makes use of the wall.

Beautiful Sleep
Retiring to a comfortable bed in a nicely decorated room can be more rewarding than you think. No matter where you go in the day, you will always return to your bedroom at night so make sure it is perfect to give yourself a good sleep every single time. Your body will thank you for it.

A vanity table is a must for me and I spotted this beauty *swoons*

For the bookworms, you can setup a small reading corner to relax before bedtime. It doesn't take a lot of space, especially with this adjustable lamp. Also works for a relax corner in the office.

Stylishly Vibrant
Much of the showroom used earthy tones with a pop of colour here and there. Surprisingly, it looks amazing! Instead of having a combination of random colours all over your house (I am guilty of this), compliment neutral looks with a couple of vibrant ones.

Storage Space
With housing prices going up, choosing the right furniture can make a difference to small homes. Look out for multi-functional ones with storage spaces incorporated into them.

We had our eyes on this coffee table right here!

Not really functional but strangely pleasing to the eyes.


Something for Everyone
With a variety of items, there is bound to be something for everyone. It was hilarious seeing Fish, Jess, Charmaine and Kelly find a matching seat.

While I was just.. blending into the wall.. hahaha RM 15 peplum dress from Tanks for 5. Booties from House of Treats.

Hey, look! I paired my earthy toned outfit with a vibrant pink Charles & Keith bag. I guess I do match the concept here xD

Stuffed my face with these delights from Signature Cafearo. Smoked salmon and quiche were goooood~

Address : 
Unit 2-3, 2-3A
1MK Shopping Mall
No 1, Jalan Kiara
50480 Kuala Lumpur 

Phone/Fax : 603-2856 9885 
Email :
Website :


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    i have went to do hair rebonding on 30/7, they spoil all my hair, all break on the roof super angry with that, i do more than 10 times d , this is the first time i get the bad service

  2. Wow that's scary.. I have not tried their rebonding or other chemical services other that hair colour

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