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Omorose Cosmetics Rosey Glow & Lip Dressing Review

Omorose is the ancient Egyptian word for Beautiful.

The cosmetics line was inspired by the beautiful queens of the past. They're cruelty-free, do not test on animals and avoid parabens. The founders, Pauline & Terry, also believe in giving back to the community as they work closely with The Beautiful Gate Foundation to help the disabled community. Let's see if their products are as good as their hearts, shall we?

Omorose Cosmetics

Omorose Rosey Glow (Radiant)
Tired of having your blusher fade away? You will love this cheek tint! The colour stays and doesn't fade easily, giving your face a long lasting flush of colour. It says that it's convenient to touch up but I don't think you even need to touch up.
Price : RM 62 / 8g

Omorose Rosey Glow

Omorose Rosey Glow in Radiant

Apply directly onto the apples of your cheek and blend with fingers. You can add on another swipe if you want a more intense colour. Make sure you apply this before powder or after liquid foundation~

Apply Omorose Rosey Glow on cheek
lol it matches my nail polish

The creamy consistency makes it easy to spread and it doesn't dry out my skin. Do not leave it on too long before blending though! As it is a tint, it will not budge once it has dried. Consider yourself warned..

Blend Omorose Rosey Glow using fingers quickly

Radiant looked intimidating at first but once blended out, it's a soft pink that really brings out the colour in my pale face. I only use a tiny bit for each cheek so it'll last a really long time. Not bad for the price.

Omorose Rosey Glow cheek tint review

Omorose Lip Dressing (Tropical Paradise)
Containing awesome ingredients like shea butter, coconut oil, avocado oil, argan oil and Vitamin E, this vegan lip balm caresses your lips with a gentle layer of moisture, keeping dry lips away. If you pick the tinted versions, they also act as lipsticks!
Price : RM 29 / 5g

Omorose Lip Dressing

This is probably the first time I've tried a lip product in this shape..

Oval shaped Omorose Lip Dressing

Twist at the bottom to push the product out. It worked well and I didn't have problems retracting it back in.

How to use Omorose Lip Dressing

The unique shape took some swipes before I was less awkward with it. Strangely, it makes applying around the bow easier. That would be where I'm applying in this picture below.

Applying Omorose Lip Dressing on lips

The swatch on the website was a vibrant in-your-face pink but it's really more of a muted orange. This was the most pigmented I could get it to be.

Omorose Lip Dressing in Tropical Paradise review

As someone who has chronic dry lips, I appreciate products like this that not only give me colour but keep my lips moisturized as well. I see myself using this more in the future ^_^

Omorose Lip Dressing Tropical Paradise on lips

Overall, I'm pretty satisfied with their products. Just hope they will have a more extensive collection.

Omorose Cosmetics review

The Lip Dressing that I chose was a coral but there are 2 pinks, a nude and a clear balm as well. I do like this shade as it's not always that I find a colour so orange.

As for the Rosey Glow, there are 3 pinks (Radiant was supposed to be more coral) and a redder coral.

Swatches for Omorose Rosey Glow and Lip Dressing

I didn't pick this because I know I wouldn't wear it but woahhh!

Omorose paper eyelashes

Chup.. Just wanna show my daisy necklace from Yan-Y which came all the way from Japan lol! So pretty!

Daisy necklace

Silver daisy necklace with crystals

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** Product was provided by the company for review purposes. However, this has not affected my thoughts on the product in any way.


  1. I want to let go my finishing powder at rm 50. Do reply if you're interested. I only used it for a couple of times 🌸

    1. Thanks but I have enough powders already ^^


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