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For a Good Time Call... (2012)

Movie reviews - not something I do very often because they're so rushed. Go for the premiere the night before and then have the post up by the next morning so that people can read it before they watch it!

But recently I've found myself with more free time and I've been exploring some older movies (and by older I meant 2010-2013) that were perhaps not given as much attention and I decided.. These movies need a second chance! If I haven't watched them, then maybe someone else hasn't too and might appreciate seeing my post. No? Well, I'm gonna write it anyway. So here goes.

For a Good Time Call... (2012)
Genre : Romance Comedy
Rating : 6.5/10

This is a story about 2 girls who were enemies back in college. Due to certain problems, Katie (Ari Graynor) and Lauren (Lauren Miller) are forced to stay together thanks to the suggestion of their mutual friend, Jesse (Justin Long).

It was not long before good-girl Katie found out Lauren was running a phone sex business and they ended up making 1-800-mmm-hmmm. Katie's ex-bf dumped her because she was 'boring' but boy has she changed over the summer. The two girls then form a strong bond as expected. It's a chick-flick after all.

I actually decided to watch this because of Justin Long but he's more of a table lamp in this movie. That's okay because you still get 2 really pretty ladies. 

Will Katie's prim and proper parents find out?
What happens when they hire a third girl to handle the calls?

Find out while having a good laugh with your girl friends! Yes. I said girl friends because your bf would probably not appreciate this so leave him out of this.

Oh yea, it's also inappropriate for small children due to the sex call contents duh.. and some scenes involving vibrators and thongs lol

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