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Grace Ciao - Dresses Made from Flower Petals

Yan-Y showed us these beautiful designs by Grace Ciao the other day and I think they are absolutely mesmerizing.

Wedding dresses..

Pretty flower petals that looks like pencil shavings haha!

Here, it looks like the dress is actually flowing! I can almost see the soft fabric move..

This collection was made using orchids from Singapore

That bodycon dress on the right is so pretty!

And this is my favourite piece - can you believe all the dresses here were made with the same rose?

I would love to see these dresses on the runway..

If you want to see more, you can visit Grace Ciao's Instagram page.


  1. wow... I've seen this on Facebook. Very talented person >_<

  2. Yeah! I would love to see her designs in human size


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