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How Was Malaysia Clothes Buffet 2014?

#throwback photos for Malaysia Clothes Buffet 2014!

So kiasu, I practiced at home before going HAHA! I managed to fit 5 dresses and 4 tops into the 9 x 14 inches bag.

Early bird ticket buyers got a free tank top as well~

Preview of some of the clothes inside. That blue denim lippy dress is pretty!

Clothes Buffet

Ladies, are you ready? 3.. 2.. 1.. Happy shopping!

Given 15 minutes to find, inspect and stuff the clothes into the bag, all sorts of tactics came out including asking your boyfriend to go in just to help you stuff clothes xD I finished my round in 9 minutes calmly and saw some girls taking photos with their extra time. 15 minutes is enough time.. Just stay calm.

JQ being JQ..

Blowout Sale

On each of the 3 days, leftover stock from the clothes buffet was sold off for RM 10 per piece only.


Love love love the yellow dress! I got the middle blue dress for RM 10 only during the Blowout Sale and it was of really good quality. This Joan was SO LUCKY cos she found a Topshop dress and bought it for RM 10.

Some of the other stuff I got during the buffet & Blowout Sale.. Some of you asked me why you didn't see some of the clothes I bought. Well, I went in on all 3 days so I got some pretty good deals during the Blowout Sale.

Record Breaker

Previous record was set at 16 pieces in one bag so this year, certain sessions were allocated for people to attempt to break that record. Winners got to bring home free clothes!

Some of the participants.. In the end, Louis won with 24 pieces =/


There was also a bazaar next to the clothes buffet with food, amazing deals and pretty clutches. I think a lot of them found the FH Club box to be interesting. For RM 10, you get 2 masks, 2 accessories and a beauty sample.

Aussino Sales

The shopping didn't end there =x Aussino was having crazy sales there as well so I grabbed a bunch of quilt covers, bedsheets and pillow cases ^_^ One of them was a Primo range with 500 thread count!! *faint*

Wanna experience this for yourself? Keep your eyes on their page to see if where's the next one.

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